Which Kindle To Buy Among All The Models?

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Amazon Kindle has various models and for new reader it becomes difficult which one to buy. Every model has its own features and importance. Read the article and know about the various models of Kindle and choose yours best one.

There are many years gone since the launch of Amazon Kindle, till then its keep on going. It has never looked back. Many models of Kindle have come in the market and for any user it becomes difficult to choose between them. The Kindle story has been good for those who like to read e-books. But now it is fact for every person who likes to read books.

You can know more about your kindle from Amazon Kindle Customer Service but we will also let you know more about your Kindle :

Kindle Basic

This is the cheapest among all the models of Kindle. It offers almost everything even touchscreen also. The only thing it lacks is the light display so you can’t read books at night time. The great bit of this model is that it just cost you Rs 5999, which is almost half of the price of Kindle Paperwhite. For more information, Kindle Support, can be taken.

Kindle Paperwhite

This is the best value for money model of kindle. The price of this kindle is Rs10,599 and it is a worth price when you look at its features. It come with a well build design and quality and is far better than entry level kindle. It has LED lights positioned at the sides.  You will get this model in 3G and wi-fi.  You can detail information at Kindle Help. But 3G version is costly.

Kindle Oasis

This is the costliest model of kindle and has been the best model of kindle so far. The design of the device is great.  This model is like a real deal but it is very expensive also. The oasis comes with a long battery life along with a very nice leather cover with additional battery inside it as a part of the whole package by Amazon. For any query, Amazon Kindle Support, can be taken.

If you are more interested in books, then you can get them on Paperwhite or basic model as well. But the Oasis will give you that extra feel and premium finish that is loved by many people when they don’t mind spending some extra money. If you want to buy Oasis, then we will suggest you to buy its 3G version because its better and if you can spend rs 25000, then spending 2000 more for a better thing shouldn’t mind you.


The 3G model of kindle is overrated. Kindle come with e-ink displays and screen refreshes slowly as compare to LCD screen. The Paperwhite is good only when if you love a lot of bedside reading. The side loading of e-books is difficult in kindle. So, you need to buy the e-books. For using Kindle, you need an Amazon account. All Kindle models have 4GB internal storage. All the books purchased and downloaded from Amazon store are linked to your account and if you delete them from Kindle they can be re-downloaded. You can term Kindle as tablet but it doesn’t offer, you feature like multitasking, emails, chatting, and robust web browsing. You can know more about your all kindles from Kindle Com Support.