What Is The Way To Transfer Books, Newspapers And Magazines From Your Computer To Kindle?

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Do you know that you can transfer books, newspapers and magazines from your computer to Kindle? Well, if you haven’t tried it before, then this is the time when you should give it a try. We will discuss the process in this blog post and you can try it.

There is no doubt upon the fact that Kindle tablets enhance the reading experience of users. There are many wonderful things in these compact devices, which make reading joyous, entertaining and a pleasurable experience. Kindle has become a lot more than just being a tablet, as it has a wide range of other functions as well, which tablet users can access. You can now transfer files such as newspapers, magazines and books from your computer to your Kindle device. It could be the latest Kindle device, i.e., Kindle Oasis or Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire. Sending files from a computer to the Kindle device is quite easy, but you should know the process to do it.

You don’t require an internet connection to transfer the books, as you can do it without a wired or wireless internet connection. You can make use of the USB connection to transfer the files. There is an option to borrow the eBooks from public library and transferring them to the Kindle device from the computer.

The books are stored in a secured place, i.e., Cloud service of Kindle after you buy them. If you wish to transfer the books, then you can go to ‘manage your content & devices’ option on your Kindle. Now, use your USB cable and transfer the files from your computer to the Kindle device. If you can’t find ‘Manage your content & devices’ option, then contact Kindle com support.

There is a certain process that you have to follow in order to transfer the books, magazines or newspapers from your computer to Kindle devices:

  1. The first step is to go to ‘Manage your content and devices’ on your Kindle.
  2. You can now connect your Kindle device with the computer using USB cable. The Kindle will be shown as a hard drive on the computer, so open the drive.
  3. The respective icon for Kindle will be shown on the desktop only if you are using Mac computer.
  4. Open the device folder and then, open internal docs folder.
  5. You have to locate the files that you want to transfer from your computer to the Kindle device. Once you have found the files, then you can simply drag and drop them into the right folder of Kindle drive where you want to store them. The names of the folder are not same, and vary according to the device. In Kindle Paperwhite, the documents will be moved into the documents folder, whereas in Kindle Fire, the documents will be moved to Books folder.
  6. After all the files have been transferred, you can disconnect the USB cable from both, Kindle and computer. If you are not able to see files on your Kindle Fire device, then please get in touch with Kindle Fire support.

The process of transferring files is very easy, but sometimes, things don’t go in the way as we wanted them to. If that the case with you, then you should log onto www Kindle com support. It is better to get in touch with the official support provider to understand what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

If you are not satisfied with the answers of the official Amazon Kindle support, then you can search for 3rd party Kindle support as well.

You have to keep one thing in mind that, no matter what the problem in your Kindle device is, there is always a Kindle help and support provider available at your service. Just give them a call and they will fix the issue for you in the best possible way.