What Are The Steps To Send Files To Your Kindle Device?

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Sending files on Kindle is quite easy, but there are certain steps that you need to follow. If you are facing any problem in sending files, then you can get in touch with Kindle support.

Many people have loaded their Kindle devices with lots and lots of eBooks. Well, this is not a unique thing because those who are using Kindle have a knack to fill it up with books. But, the issue we are going to discuss is how to send other documents on the Kindle devices apart from the ones you already have. The documents we are referring to here are PDF files or other files in different formats.

Find out your Kindle email address

For transferring other documents, you will have to make use of personal document syncing service that is offered by Kindle. You will require an email address to use it. The email address will be like mary@kindle.com, so if you have such an email, then use it to send documents to your Kindle OasisKindle Paperwhite or any other model of Kindle. You have to open Kindle settings and make some changes in the Personal Document Settings. Your email address will be present at the top left corner, so copy it and enter the email address when prompted to do so.

Choosing the most suitable sending way:

For sending documents, there is more than one way provided by Amazon Kindle. Let us discuss the most common and popular ways of sending documents.

1Kindle Desktop App:

There is a Kindle app for Windows and OS X. You can use it to send all the compatible files to the device. Just right click on the file and click ‘Send to Kindle’ option. In order to send multiple files, this option is quite useful. There are many extensions that are now available, which can be installed in the web browser and hence, can be used to send files from PC/laptop to the Kindle device.

2. Email:

If you are sending DOC, PDF, HTML and RTF files, then you can easily attach the files and send it on your email address. You can find these files in your Kindle library. Sending files via email is a highly convenient method, though it may consume some extra time when compared to other methods. If you are not able to send files via email, then kindly log onto www Kindle com support.

3. Setup personal document syncing:

You can’t use the apps as it is, but you have to give an authorization to the apps, so that they can easily send documents to your device. Visit settings page of your Kindle followed by personal document settings. Then, go to ‘approved personal document email list’ to add a new mailing address accompanied with the service address that you are using. For instance, if you are using readability, then you can add Kindle@readibility.com to the list. You can go visit Kindle com support if you are not able to sync your personal document.

You can send documents over USB, 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

The same process goes for Kindle Fire tablets, but if you are not able to transfer files from your Kindle Fire tablets, then you can seek help from Kindle Fire support. They will help you fix the issue that is disallowing you to send the files.

There is always Kindle help present for you, so any problem in your Kindle device will be resolved at the technical support centres. You have the option of choosing either the official Kindle support or third party Amazon Kindle support. Both are good, but if your device is out of warranty, then third party companies will be a better option.