What Are The 5 Most Common Flaws In Kindle Oasis That You Cannot Overlook?

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss the five major flaws that have been identified in the kindle oasis model, which you cannot overlook. These are commonly noticed by every kindle oasis user. We will discuss it in detail.

Kindle oasis is the most beloved model of the kindle users. They use this model because of some marvelous features and sleek design with built-in outer cover. This is not just a cover but it affects the looks and comfortability of a user. You can easily hold this device in your hand through the cover. The cover also charges the kindle through magnetic linking. All you need to do is connect the charger to the cover magnetically and the kindle starts charging. The manual for charging is also available on Kindle Help platform.

When amazon released the kindle oasis model then people were of the view that this kindle support more characters and features. The case is similar to when you are in love with girl at first sight and you come to know the faults in each other after long time. In the same way when you start using kindle oasis model then only you will able to get the pros and cons of this product. We are writing this blog post to make you clear about the device instead of listening or reading to the comments written on the official website of kindle.

Now we are going to place the problems in front of you that are so common in the kindle oasis.

1st problem :  –   Light Leak

The foremost and the complaining one is the light leak. Nevertheless to say that this problem is seen in the other models too but this model has get its publicity due to the claim done by the amazon itself that the light and brightness in the kindle oasis model is 60% more than the normal kindle. No doubt, the screen has high contrast ratio but with brighter screen due to more LED’s the same percentage of light leaks within it. You can take kindle com support if you want to know about it.

2nd problem : –  Uneven Light

The problem of uneven light is so common from so many years. It means that the light is brighter in one part than the other. The other part seems dark while the one part seems. The problem is even searched at www Kindle Com Support also but it still reflects more in kindle voyage and oasis models than that of kindle paper white.

3rd problem : –  Battery Backup

As per the promotion and advertisement by kindle related to kindle oasis, it is claimed that kindle battery stays charged even for a week after full charging. The actual specifications and capacity of a kindle oasis battery is discussed here under.

Kindle Oasis : 250 +1290(case cover battery)

Kindle Voyage : 1320mAh

Kindle Normal : 890mAh

So we have seen that the larger battery is 20mAh more than the kindle voyage. It is not much in difference. Kindle Customer Service persons also supposed it not a big difference. Another problem of kindle oasis is that with the case battery and inbuilt battery the charging problem arises that whether we can charge a case battery in case the charging is exhausted and built-in still left with 90% charging.

4th problem : – Spots on screen

This problem is faced by many users of kindle oasis model. They reported small spots on the screen. These spots look even brighter as Amazon Kindle Support the high contrast displays. Although it’s not a big issue but if you are paying something more for specific model then you should get the good thing.

5th problem :  – External Appearance

Appearance hardly matters if a device perform well in its operation. Kindle Fire Support all the formats but lacks in some astonishing features and looks that are reflected in kindle oasis only. There is gap between the frame and the screen in kindle oasis.