Things You Don’t Know That You Can Do With Kindle.

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You can do many things with your Kindle e-reader along with reading your favorite content or e-books. We will tell you some of the hidden tricks that will help you in getting most out of your kindle.

Amazon kindle a synonym for e-reader, lets you read your favorite e-books anytime anywhere. You can easily get the content of your choice from kindle store or Amazon store. Even Amazon Kindle Support is always there to help and guide you. But is reading the only thing that you can do with your Kindle? No, there are many things that you can do with your kindle besides reading e-books. Here are some of the hidden tricks that will help you in getting most out of you re-reader and make your kindle experience outstanding.

For these tricks, also you can take Kindle Help, if you encounter any difficulty in using them :

Download Free Books

There are many titles that you can get free on kindle. Amazon offers almost 8000 titles that are free to download and these include classic novels, thrillers, and romance reads. These free titles are restricted to kindle device only. You can download them on any phone with the help of kindle app. Get more information about downloading books with Kindle Support. Another source for free downloads is Open library. It allows you to borrow and read the titles of your choice.

Transfer Articles From Web

You can transfer web articles to your kindle with the help of instapaper. You just need to create an account and under the Settings choose kindle as your delivery option. Now whenever you will save any article to instapaper, it will be automatically pushed to kindle.

Send A Document

You can email your personal documents to your kindle as attachments. All you need to do is send a document on you kindle email address and after that go to the option of Manage your devices and content > Settings > Personal Document settings. This email will be But this could charge you some amount. For making it free you need to choose free to your account of kindle. Now your email would be

Reset The Frozen Screen

When your screen freezes, then you simply need to press and hold the power button for 40 seconds. When you will release the button, the device will display the startup screen. If still you encounter any issue, then you can take Kindle Com Support.

Take A Screenshot

If you find any quote interesting or you need it for any project, then you can take a screenshot on your kindle. If you have original kindle, then press Alt + shift + G. If you have kindle touch, then hold the home screen and then click on the screen. If you have Paperwhite or Voyage Kindle, then press the opposite corners of the screen at the same time.

Clean Up Space On Your Home Screen

If don’t want Amazon book suggestion adding clutter on your home screen, then you can clear them. Go to the upper right corner at the menu bar > Settings > Parental Controls > Restrictions > slide kindle store to off and click OK. You can also take help from Amazon Kindle Customer Service.

Lend A Book To A Friend

You can send certain books that are eligible to be sent to a friend for 14 days only. Log on to your Amazon account > Manage your content and devices > ellipses action button next to book that you want to send > loan this title. All the titles are not available for loan.

Publish Your Own Book For Kindle Users

If you are an author, then kindle gives you an opportunity of publishing your book on their e-store. You just need to follow the instructions at www Kindle Com Support to make you book available worldwide for the kindle users.