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In the world of e-readers the name of Amazon Kindle comes at the top. Anyone who loves e-books or e-readers must be familiar with Amazon Kindle tablets. We looked on all the models of Amazon Kindle that will help you in knowing which Kindle model is best suited for you.

The e-books are going to kill paperback and everyone like to have an e-book rather than a paperback. But recently it was reported that the sales of paperback have been increased to the expense of e-books. So, it is difficult to say that who will win the battle in this field.

But when we talk about e-books only one name comes in our mind and it is Amazon Kindle e-reader. Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular destination for reading e-books and they are even easy to carry at any place. Kindle is the best gift for any passionate reader who loves to read anytime and anywhere. But there are so many models available in the market so which Kindle to purchase. Initially it was only one model available in the market but now there are 4 kindle models. So, it becomes difficult between to choose between them which one is the best. Kindle Support can be taken to know about all the kindles.

All the kindles are based on only one aim that is reading. So, all the features they have their focus is on reading. But still they differ from each other in many ways. But they have some similarities also. First similarity is the storage of all models are same. Kindles come with 4GB storage that can store thousands of books. Then the screen size of all kindle models is 6inch glare free screen. Go to Amazon Kindle Support to know more about the similarities of kindle models.

The Basic Kindle

The entry level kindle is the basic kindle. The touchscreen resolution is 167 ppi for decent text look. This version is available in wi-fi model only. This kindle comes without any button, backlight and this is the cheapest model also. This kindle will cost you 59 pounds for ad supported model and 69 pounds for add free model. For more details, you can contact Kindle Com Support.

Kindle Paperwhite

The next member of Kindle family is kindle Paperwhite. It got this name because this was the model to come with the feature of built-in backlight. The screen resolution is 300 ppi which gives more natural paper display. If you want 3G, then this kindle model is for you. This model also comes without any buttons. This will cost you 109 pounds for ad supported model, 119 for ad free model and additional 50 pounds for 3G. More details are available at Kindle Help.

Kindle Voyage

This the first kindle that doesn’t offers ad supports version. It is costlier than Paperwhite. It also comes with 300 ppi resolution and adaptive front light. It uses Page Press technology to turn the pages. This kindle will cost you 169 pounds for wi-fi supported model and 229 pounds for 3G model. More details can be taken from Amazon Kindle Customer Service.

Kindle Oasis

This is the newest and most expensive member of Kindle family. It is more squarish and shorter than any other kindle model. It also come with a new tapered design with build-in hand grip in to the side of it. The handgrip features page turn buttons. It means you need to press the buttons for turning the pages. It comes with a built-in light that features 60% more LED light than any other kindle model. This model is especially for most avid readers. This kindle will cost you 269 pounds for wi-fi model and 329 pounds for 3G model. For more details, you can log on to www Kindle com Support.