Test Your Amazon Echo (And Alexa) British Speaking Ability!

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The British speaking ability of Amazon echo is quite unknown to many users. We try to trace Amazon echo British skills right from “The I.T Crowd” to “God Save the Queen”.   

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The ability to answer various questions is the prime function of Amazon echo that you have witnessed so far. We know your life has become way smarter to handle with the smart virtual assistant. The virtual assistant (Amazon Alexa) which comes with Amazon echo and Amazon echo dot has set up the market standard with arch rivals like Google and Apple. With high qualitative services, the device has played a major role in providing hustle free services to all its potential users in the market. But, sometimes quality gets hindered by some technical and other software issues, which can be sort out by paying a visit  to Amazon Echo Help to gather key solutions to resolve all the issues. With each and every query Amazon echo has made things easier in its own language. There is no doubt about it that you are aware about the skills of your smart voice assistant. But do your voice assistant is able to answer any British language quires? Well, the reason of mentioning British language is actually to test some Brit answering ability of the voice assistant. As, Amazon Echo crosses the US boundary to UK, the voice assistant has had to learn a new version of British English. And so as to maintain the relationship between the US and UK, we just try to analyze some British words to understand the ability of echo and Alexa in a much better way.

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To start the final test of the device, we got some cool British phrases and accents. Alexa is able to recognize some famous quotes of classic british institutions like “Blackadder”, “Fawlty Towers” and “Monty Python”. The voice assistant is also able to recognize the famous catchphrase of light entertainment legend “Bruce Forsyth’s” which is “Nice to see you, to see you…” “Nice! Well you can count this ability as alexa one of the plus point. But there is a lot more alexa need to learn and recognize the different accent in a much better way. Some of the words like “Amongst”, “Car Park” are not applicable in terms of American English and in alexa too. With alexa app, you can easily set up the settings to UK English and can judge the difference of answers by alexa. For instance, if you spell “honour” and “color”, alexa will correctly articulate the customary British “U”.

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You can “add skills” to your alexa with settings to the Alexa App. In case, you find any problem while setting up your app, you can troubleshoot the issues with www.amazon.com echosetup to get proper assistance. But, the problem is actually with the ability to understand the context. For instance, if you ask “When is the Spurs game?” an American would be talking about the basketball team San Antonio of Texas. But a Brit would be talking about Totten ham Hotspur (A north London soccer club). Besides this, Amazon as a good teacher has done a pretty good job to make alexa efficient and reliable to understand the context. For instance, ask alexa “Who is the prime minister”? , alexa will answer the current leader of the UK, without specifying any country. Overall, it’s an exception to counter every text with the right context. But, this exception might be a flump show in UK, if this inability exist for a long period of time.