Step By Step Guide To Change The Font Size On The Kindle Fire Tablet

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Kindle fire models are the most amazing and outstanding models developed by Amazon’s retailers. We can’t deny its features and functionality. All the Kindle fire tablets are loaded with a number of features which ease you to enjoy the best reading experience on it. This is the best gadget for bookworms. You can change the size of the font and color and style according to your choice so that you will able to read it comfortably. For more help related to it, you can go to Kindle support link.

Today, we are going to discuss a step by step guide to change the font size of any Kindle book on Kindle fire tablet. If you are among the one, who want to change the font size, then continue reading this post. In case you find any problem, then call at Amazon Kindle Support number.

We can change the font size of Kindle books through 2 methods. One method is natural and another one is new.

First of all, we are going to discuss an original method to change the font size.

  • Turn on the Kindle Fire from the power button.
  • Unlock the screen through pattern or PIN code. In case you have forgotten the PIN, then reset the password by getting into www Kindle Com Support link.
  • Go to the top of the screen and choose ‘AA’ graphic type.
  • Select the font of your choice from the list. It is recommended to use Caecilian font rather than future because the first one is easy to read because of the larger size of the font. You will find bold alphabets in caecilian font style. For more Kindle help, you can go to official support link.

This is a traditioKindle Com Supportnal method to change the font size of your Kindle fire tablet. If you want to change the font size of Kindle book on your smartphone that is easy on your eyes, then follow the below-mentioned steps to change it. The same steps are also available on Kindle Fire Support Help link. You can take assistance from there as well.

  • Turn on your kindle fire tablet.
  • Unlock the home screen with a pattern or with a PIN code.
  • Open the book for which you want to change the style of font.
  • To increase the size of the font, slide both the thumbs slowly away from each other. The text size will keep on changing with a single pointer.
  • If you want to zoom out from the current screen, then bring both the thumbs closer to each other from the sides of the screen. In case the Zoom out function is not working, then you can call at Amazon Kindle customer service number.

Note : When you change the font size of your Kindle text, then the LED will keep on lighting which reminds you of font size change. You will come to know the recent changes made by you in your kindle fire tablet. If you don’t want to get notifications through the Light, then you can turn it off by getting into ‘Settings’ followed by notification option. You can visit Kindle com support link for the complete guide.

Kindle SupportThe Amazon Kindle fire tablet is full of magic. You may be surprised after understanding the technique to change the font size of the text. Most of the Kindle users used to change the font size through Kindle devices, so this method is new for them. If you are lucky and got success in the first attempt, then do write us in our feedback section. We will be happy to hear from you. Apart from this, if you are getting any other problem with your kindle fire, then do mention it in our feedback section.