Does Soft Reset Erases All Data Stored In The Kindle Library? Let’s Discuss It

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This blog post is mainly for the users of amazon Kindle, who want to know about its soft reset option. The Kindle soft reset option also deletes the library data, it has been believed by many people but what’s the reality actually. We will discuss this in the below mentioned blog.

Amazon Kindle and its competitor are continuously striking a market by providing more and more entertaining features other than its dedicated e-reading feature. So it’s worth mentioning here that the Kindle is one of the best gadget in this class. You can store thousands of books in its library for future reading. The books can be downloaded from the Kindle book store available online. There is no need to move out from home for reading. This facility especially eases senior citizens, who were not able to move due to health problems but loves reading. They can fulfill their desires even at old age. One important thing that has to be mentioned here is that sporadic resets doesn’t wipe out your data from Kindle library. Kindle Oasis is the most expensive and best Kindle model in the series of amazon Kindle after this comes the Kindle Paperwhite model.

Levels of reset in Kindle

The Kindle functions perfectly more often until there is some serious problem happen in it. The mild problems in the Kindle can be overcome by reset techniques. One way to reset is soft one and other is hard reset. Soft reset deletes all the memory data and take you to the last known point but if you do hard reset then it’s just like restarting your PC by first turning it off then again turning it on. Both the reset won’t delete your library data. Yes, if you are going to do a factory reset then all your data will be erased. This factory reset is only required when you are going to handover your device to friend for his personal use or when you have updated your Kindle device. If you have any query related to the Kindle reset or update option then you can take support from the authorized www Kindle com support site. We will now discuss about both the reset in brief in following paragraph.

Soft reset

In case your Kindle stopped responding to your response at once then hard reset won’t resolve your problem. You can try soft reset for this. To do this, just go to ‘settings’ then click on restart option. The Kindle sometimes responds slowly to your commands. This is due to temporary files that are stored in its memory, it must be cleaned regularly for smooth functioning. If your Kindle device has keyboard with it, then you need to simply press alt+ shift button simultaneously along with the R letter on the keyboard. This will also solve your purpose of soft reset. For other Kindles you have to press switch off/on button couple of times until you see a green light on it. Once it starts blinking, release the Kindle power button to flag off the reset.  If you are using Kindle fire then Kindle fire support is available on the internet for free.

Factory reset and hard reset Kindle support

If the soft reset doesn’t resolve your Kindle problem then you have to go with a hard reset. In order to complete the hard reset, press the power button for twenty seconds and release. The Kindle will restart then and starts working properly. To know more about hard and factory reset go to Kindle support from your web browser.

When you updated your Kindle with new version of firmware and want to erase all the previous data then just go with factory reset option. This option is available under ‘settings’ menu.  All the books will be deleted from your library and you can re-download them if required. The procedure of reset is same for all devices. You just have to stay in touch with Kindle com supportConstant Amazon Kindle support is available for all the Kindle users online.

Power issue

Another factor for lazy working of Kindle is its low battery. The battery once charged will remain working for a week. You will forget to charge it again. For any type of Kindle help regarding technical issues you can call at service centre numbers.