How To Resolve Common Problems In Kindle Paperwhite Through Kindle Help And Support?

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Kindle Paperwhite is a popular device that is used by thousands of avid readers, but there are a few problems that can halt the functioning of the device. For that, Kindle Help and support is available for fixing the problems.


Kindle Paperwhite is among the premium segment Kindle devices that are currently being sold in the world. The device is equipped with a boatload of features, extremely useful for avid readers. But, we are not here to discuss the features of Kindle Paperwhite, but we are going to talk about the problems that people are facing in Paperwhite. There are quite a few of them, so let’s begin with it.

Ghost Images On The Screen

If you are using Paperwhite to read books, and at the time of changing the page, you see a faint display of text or graphics of the previous page. This is very annoying, as it gives the impression that the device has been frozen or there is a technical glitch in the device.


If you are experiencing this problem, then try refreshing the screen, which can be done by tapping near the top of the screen. This will bring a toolbar to the front. Then, you need to tap anywhere on the screen. This will refresh the screen and the toolbar also gets disappeared.

Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi Automatically

Ideally, the Kindle Paperwhite needs to scan the Wi-Fi networks automatically, and connect to the right Wi-Fi network, but that isn’t happening. So, what you have to do is, you have to connect to the Wi-Fi network yourself. You can go to settings, where you will have to open networks. Then, choose the network that you want to connect your device with, and enter the password for the network. That’s it, you are now connected to the Wi-Fi network. If you still are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, then search for Kindle Customer Service to fix this issue.

Weirdly Quick Discharge Of Battery


If you reading books on your Kindle Paperwhite for 30 minutes or so, then the battery of the device should last around a week or two, but if that is not happening, then there is something wrong with the battery. Kindle battery is one of the highlighting features of the device because it lasts longer than any other device’s battery. The battery related issues can only be resolved at Amazon Kindle Support, so you must get in touch with them to get this issue fixed.

Unable To Sync Paperwhite With Other Devices

Sometimes, there are useful things in your smartphones or tablets that you want to transfer to Paperwhite in order to read them on a proper reading device, but Paperwhite ditches you at that time. The device doesn’t get synced with your other devices, causing a sense of frustration in you. In this case, you have to take the help of www Kindle Com Support, which is also the official support link for Kindle devices. You will get all the support from this website, so get in touch with them to fix syncing problem.

Home Screen Of Kindle Paperwhite Displays Items Out Of Order


You have the option to display things on your home screen by Title, Recent, Author or Collections, but at times, items are not displayed in the right order. To fix this issue, you have to take the help of Kindle Com Support because otherwise who else is going to help you fix this issue.

The same sort of issues can also arise in Kindle Fire, so what you have to do at that time is, you have to take Kindle Fire Support. You can go online and search for the same. I am pretty sure that you are going to find out the best support for Kindle Fire on the web.