Lenovo Smart Assistant Is The New Competition Of Amazon Echo.

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Amazon echo is one of the finest choices of the smart speaker in the market. The ability to turn your home into a smart home is one of the key features that all the potential users of the smart device has witnessed in a superlative way. If you are still unaware about the smart gadget, then proceed to Amazon Echo Setup to unleash the fascinating features. Besides this, there is a new competitor in the smart speaker’s market with Alexa as its digital assistant. Check out the detailing of this new rival.

Are you enjoying the company of your smart echo device? The giant retailer has already been the favorite of many potential users in the market. With the promising capability of turning your simple home into a smart home has already marked the smart speaker as one of the major players in the smart speaker market. The fine features and spectacular services are one of the key reason of the immense fan following of the device. Even, the flexibility and reliability factor Is also adding many new users in the list. If you are one of the new users of the smart speaker, then you should head on to Amazon Echo Help to get the required assistance regarding the setting of the device.

The exceptional waamazon echoy to enter the house of everyone as the problem solver makes the people adore the smart device as the only medium to get the complex activities done in a simpler way. But, as you know that with the pace of technology and competition, the market is continuously growing in a rapid way. And in this growing league, Google emerged to be the lone competitor of Amazon echo in the market with its Google Home. But now, the world’s giant PC maker, Lenovo has also put its arms in the smart speaker’s category. The company reveals its alike of Amazon echo with “Lenovo Smart Assistant”. The speaker is quite tall and tubular with Alexa as the digital voice assistant. Lenovo ensures that its smart speaker is directly integrated with the Alexa voice services. As a loyal Amazon echo user, you can head to Amazon Echo Support to get the proper assistance and support regarding any technical barrier.

The launch of the Lenovo smart assistant is actually just like the launch of the Amazon Echo. You can use your voice as the medium to play the favorite tracks, read the latest news, setting up the timers and so on. But, there are few differences in both the smart speakers.

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  1. Color – The color combination is different of the Lenovo smart assistant. Lenovo is actually providing its smart speaker in natural fabric, light green or a gray color combination.
  2. Microphone – The microphone portion of the speaker is also projecting out from the top of the speaker rather than the flat echo. The reason behind this design is to cool down the Intel atom processor inside the speaker. Even Lenovo’s smart assistant also got the eight far-field microphones as compared to Amazon echo’s seven.
  3. Sound Quality – Lenovo is also providing the Harman Kardon edition with its speakers to get you the premium sound. It’s expensive but qualitative.
  4. Compatibility Of Software – Unlike the Amazon echo, the smart Lenovo speaker will have to setup with the Lenovo app for Android and iOS. But, it is unclear that the quires made by the speaker would be recorded in the Lenovo app or not.
  5. Price – The smart speaker is said to be available in May of the new year. The base price of the speaker is $130 which is less than the $180 of Amazon echo and Google Home. But, the Harman Kardon speakers will cost you $180.