Know The Top 5 Amazon Fire TV Problems Along With Their Solutions

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Amazon is an online e-commerce company from where you can shop anything. The company keeps on updating the products in accordance with the technology. Amazon fire TV is a big example of it. The company has launched this product keeping in view the futuristic digital market.

You can subscribe video services on Amazon Fire TV just like digital books on Kindle. You can access a number of Amazon services through this handy device. You can take support for it from Fire TV Support link. You can enjoy unlimited video contents after subscribing to Amazon Prime services.

However, occasionally some problem may occur with your Fire TV because it is a complicated device which delivers different kinds of contents like movies, music, shows, and app. You can download the app for your fire TV from the online store. If you find any problem, you can contact Kindle fire support team through a phone call.

Now, we are going to discuss the most common Fire TV problems along with the concrete fixes.

How to reset an Amazon fire TV? 

If you are facing any problem related to software part, then according to the Amazon Fire TV support experts, it is wiser to perform a soft reset. This will keep your existing data as it is but will refresh the OS of your fire TV. To reset the device, unplug the power cord and plug it back into the socket after a gap of 20 seconds.

How to fix the slow loading Fire TV problem?

Your Fire TV works on internet. It requires a high-speed internet service for streaming the high-quality videos. If you have configured the home wifi network on your device, then check the network speed through test page. If possible, connect the Ethernet cable to the device for faster load times.

How to replace a remote?

No one wants to lose the thing on which one has spent his/her hard earned money. Unluckily, if you have lost the fire TV remote, then there is no need to spend money on it again. Simply download the app from the store. If you find any problem, then take Fire stick support from the link.  This is the best alternative to your problem. You can save your money and time with this solution. Although this is bit clunky but works well with your Amazon fire TV.

How to turn on the closed captioning?

If you want to turn on the closed captioning, which in other language is also called as Subtitle, then press the menu button of your device remote after loading the video contents from it. You will find 3 lines stacked horizontally at the top of the remote.

  • Open Subtitle and audio option.
  • Swipe to off button, it will then turn on the subtitle.
  • Now press the menu button again to go back to settings. If you find any problem, then you can contact our team or go to Fire stick help link from your browser.
  • You will find complete details of your device on this link.

How to watch 4K videos on Fire TV?

If you are facing trouble in watching 4K videos on your Fire TV, then there is nothing to worry. We have bought a solution for you. This problem usually occurs due to a software problem. If you are not getting 4K video quality on your device, then first check whether your device supports the 4K video or not.

We want to mention here that only 2nd generation Amazon fire TV support 4K video playback. If your device is from a 1st generation or you have bought before 15th October 2015, then you won’t be able to watch 4K videos. You can only enjoy optical audio output through the audio port.

For more information in this regard, you can go to ‘Fire TV Not Working’ link or contact our support team. They will let you know the techniques to troubleshoot the problem or how you can connect Kindle fire to TV.