Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, High-Resolution Display with Built-in Light.

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All e-books lovers must be familiar with Kindle Paperwhite and all its features. But your Kindle has a lot more things and we will tell you about many more features of your Kindle.

The all new Kindle Paperwhite has come with many new features including highest resolution display, a new typesetting engine for more beautiful rendering of pages, and hand crafted font Bookerly. It means that the best-selling Kindle is even more best. Kindle Support can be taken to know more about your kindle.

Highest Resolution Display

All new Paperwhite has come up with highest resolution. It is almost as twice as the previous one. It has the display of 300ppi for crisp laser quality. No other e-reader offers such a high-resolution display. Take Kindle Com Support for more details.

Reading Experience

The new Paperwhite offers you the Bookerly font which is an exclusive crafted for the digital reading on big screens and has been crafted from ground up. Many new features have been added so that your reading should be comfy and less eye straining. The features include hyphenation justification kerning, drop cap support, best in-class typography, and improved character spacing. In case you want to know more about your kindle you can take Kindle Help.

The latest kindle Paperwhite is not like other smartphones and tablets instead you can read on it like paper.

You can easily read on your all new paperwhite without any eye strain and you can adjust the brightness of your screen for great reading in any type of light.

The battery life of your kindle is also very long A single charge will long for almost 6 weeks. Amazon Kindle Support can be taken for knowing more about your kindle.

Your new paperwhite is lighter than paperback. So, you can easily hold it in even one hand while reading.

If we talk about its design, then it is perfectly made for reading with simple yet elegant design. Your kindle even won’t distract you from your social life, text messages, and emails.

Another wonderful feature is that you can add margin notes and you can edit or delete them whenever you like. You can even share your highlights or quotes on social media.

Another feature that will make your reading wonderful is Word Wise feature with the help of this you can read challenging books easily and quickly. With this features short and simple definitions appear over difficult words. Know more about this features from Amazon kindle Customer Service.

The words that you looked in the dictionary are added to vocabulary builder automatically so that your knowledge can be expanded.

You can even share your books with the help of family library. The sharing is very easy and simple.

From kindle, you get a massive range of titles to rad and enjoy and the price for these titles are also very leas. It’s just @2.99 for almost one million titles and @9.99 for almost 2 million titles.

Also, you get the option of choosing your favorite color for your kindle as it is available in two colors black and white. For any query, you can log on to www Kindle com Support.