Kindle E-Reader For Kids At A Discounted Price For $99.99.

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Now it has become easy and affordable to gift your kids a Kindle E-reader to provide them a smarter way of learning and built more interest for reading.

Amazon Kindle devices are the best-proven E-readers for reading. There are different Kindles designed for all kind of users. It has a diverse collection of books for all different Kindles that are designed for the particular level of readers depending on their shared interests. Moreover, these Kindles can connect to the internet which allows users to access more other books besides the available ones. They can read books online and even save them for future reading. It lets users access more than millions of books within one single click. It is best for the learning of Kids as they can search for all kind of books they want to read. They can save all books included in their academic syllabus. Now they don’t need to carry all the books as they can access all their books on Kindle.

The latest Kindle E-reader for kids is available at a discounted price of $99.99 with a guarantee for two years. So in case, your child breaks it by mistake, then you need not spend money on repair as can get a free replacement from any of the Kindle stores. Using this Kindle one can set aim for reading the page within an estimated time and can check the progress in reading. It also allows calculating free time or the time you didn’t use Kindle in between the estimated time devoted to reading.

Reading from Kindle will never let you encounter the messages or calls which you face while reading on Tablet or any other mobile device. Thus you may not feel distracted while reading. Also, parents need to worry as it does not support video games that might distract their kids. It is not at all harmful for eyes as it has a glare free screen and even provides an easy reading in ample sunlight. It has no backlight which is good for health because studies have proved that the backlights suppress the production of melatonin which is very important to get a healthy sleep. Thus this Kindle might not put any effect on the sleeping routines of your kids. The battery once charged last for weeks so your children can enjoy longer reading without worrying about to charge the device. Children can receive achievement badges if they reach the particular level of reading. They can view their reading progress and calculate how much more they need to read to earn their next badge. One can judge their daily reading along with the free time.

Parents can optimize the setting to enable the reading for only particular kind of books in free time from the present list of books. It supports best parental control through which parents can block the individual sites they don’t want their kids to access, Prevent the accidental purchases so that they don’t get charged for un-necessary books. One can block the internet for social sharing activities.

This Kindle is typically designed for kids for all ages because kids who don’t know to type can also search for Books by tapping on the book icons that are displayed in the form of images for e.g. Books related to fairy tales will have pictures of fairies. It contains the Vocabulary builder with flash cards that will enhance the vocal skills of your kids. It has an inbuilt dictionary that may help your children in learning and understanding new words. Thus in all aspects, the Kindle for kids is the best smart way of reading that you can give to your children.