How You Can Secure Your Kindle Fire Tablet?

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Tablets are very tempting for thieves. So, you need to ensure that your tablet always remain safe and secured. So, we have come up with a guide to make sure that your Kindle Fire Tablet is as secure as possible.

The loss or theft of a tablet computer might not be the end of your financial world but considering the personal information it stores, a misplaced or stolen device stores lot of private information and that in wrong hands could cause serious  headache for you. With that in mind, it’s worth taking just a few moments in securing your Kindle Fire Tablet ensuring that the tablet and the personal data stored in it remains safe from the prying eyes.

Visit the security page

You might be familiar with the addition of PIN or passcode to your tablet just as you do to withdraw money from an ATM machine. Addition of PIN or passcode might cause a little inconvenience to you but it is essential. From the Home screen of the Kindle Fire tablet, click on the settings icon after that click on security option.

Choose the password or PIN

When you click on settings option, you get the option of Security. Click on this option and click on the slider switch alongside the Lock screen password for moving it to the ON position. If you are happy with the traditional PIN code like you use for the cash machine, then just click on it, then click on Confirm new PIN box and retype the chosen PIN for confirming and then click on Finish. Incidentally it can be more than 4 digit. But if you want alphanumeric code then to slide the switch of Numeric password to the off position.

Set the password or PIN delay

From now on whenever you will switch off your Kindle fire or leave it to go on sleep of its own, then it will ask for the PIN or password whenever it is powered on. This is the best level of protection but it is a little bit inconvenient. This can be mitigated by setting a delay before the PIN/password protection kicks in. At the security screen click on the option of Require Lock Screen. After that choose the trigger time of 1minute.

Encrypt your data

It is possible to encrypt the entire contents on your tablet if you are too much concerned about the privacy and data on your tablet. For doing this you need to enter the PIN or password every time you switch on the phone. From the security screen, Click on Encryption and then click on Encrypt tablet and then follow the prompts.

Browse the web safely

The built-in browser of Kindle, Silk, also has some of the wonderful and useful security options. Firstly, launch Silk, click the menu button at the top left and click on settings > block popup windows > Ask. By doing this Silk will always ask for your permission before opening the popup window. Next, click on Optimal encryption > enable, this will make the connection secure but slow down the browsing a bit. The options under Saved data can also be explored. If you share tablet with someone then strongly recommended is disabling the option of Remember password and Remember form data options.

Install free security software

It will be wise to install reliable security software and there are various free options in Amazon’s App store for android. Form the home screen of Kindle Fire, click on Shop at the top > Apps in the left panel > magnifying glass icon at the top and type McAfee into the search box. In the results click on the McAfee Mobile security > free > Get App and install automatically. Then open for launching the app and follow the prompts for setting it up.