How To Update Your Kindle Fire Software Manually Through Easy Steps?

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So, have you got the marvelous and amazing Kindle fire tablet for yourself? If yes, then Amazon has bought another amazing brand-spanking software update for you.

We have bought the step by step guide for you that will fire up the working of your Kindle fire tablet. For more help and information, you can visit Kindle support link.

How To Check The Kindle Fire OS Version?

Before updating and installing the software on your Kindle Fire tablet, you need to check the current version of your Kindle fire tablet.

Swipe down from the top of the home screen to open ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Device’ option followed by ‘System Update’ option.

You will find the version of your Kindle fire OS here. If you have latest OS installed, then you will find the message there on the screen.

Quicker Update Method

Now, we are going to discuss the quicker and simpler method to perform an update. This method is followed almost by all users. Before starting with the process, check whether the internet is working properly or not. The Internet is the prerequisite to perform an update.

  1. Click on ‘Quick settings’ present on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on ‘Sync’.

If any update is available for your device at this point of time, then it will start downloading automatically. Once the downloading gets completed, the update will then installed and applied to your Kindle. For any assistance, you can visit www Kindle Com Support page.

Performing Manual Update

To perform the update manually, you need to connect your Kindle to the computer. It’s bit time-consuming process.

You must check the current version of your Kindle fire tablet running in it. If it is already latest, then there is no need to waste the time. You can also check the current version of your kindle by visiting the Amazon Kindle Support page or visit Kindle help link from the Amazon web page.

If A New Update Is Available, Then Follow The Steps Mentioned Below To Install It In Your Kindle.

  1. Visit Kindle software update page from the Kindle com support link.
  2. Select your device from the list of Kindle tablets.
  3. Download the software update by click on the Download update link.
  4. Now, connect the Kindle to the computer with the help of USB cable and transfer the file to the Kindle by clicking on the device icon.
  5. Paste the file in the ‘Software update’ folder.
  6. Drag Drop the downloaded file into the folder or simply copy paste the file from source to the destination folder.
  7. Click on ‘Disconnect’ icon after transferring the update into your Kindle. You will find ‘Safely Disconnect’ message on the screen.

Updating The Software

1. Alike quick update Wi-Fi method, go to quick settings icon and click on ‘More’ followed by ‘Device’ information. You must ensure that the battery is completely charged before performing this operation.

2. You will find ‘Update your Kindle’ option available on the tablet.  Click on ‘start’ to proceed.  If the option is grayed out already, then you can take help from Kindle fire support Help link or the tablet is already running the latest software version.

3. During this updating process, your Kindle tablet will restart a number of times. This is normal so there is nothing to worry.

More Help Related To Updating A Kindle

If you are facing any problem in installing or downloading the update for your Kindle fire tablet, then you can either visit the Kindle software update link or call at Amazon Kindle customer service number available on the top of the official page. The technical executives at the helpdesk will guide you properly.