How To Troubleshoot The Wi-Fi Issues Related To Amazon Kindle?

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Wi-Fi issue in the kindle is the most annoying issue that most of the users have faced during the initial setup or after the setup. All the important updates regarding firmware version or software’s and news rely on the Wi-Fi connection. If there is no proper Wi-Fi connection then you cannot able to get the both the updates on your device. Follow the simple troubleshooting steps and resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will discuss the steps in details in this blog post.

It is important to know that Wi-Fi plays a major role in the working of kindle device. If the Wi-Fi is properly working or connected then only you will able to connect to the internet. Once you connected to the internet then you will able to download the books from the eBook store. The other features like browsing and accessing Facebook through kindle is possible only if the Wi-Fi is properly connected. If the Wi-Fi problem exists in your kindle device then you can’t able to access all these features in your kindle. This problem must be solved on priority basis otherwise your kindle device is just a piece of plastic for you. Kindle help is available for troubleshooting of this issue. Kindle support lot more features in itself other than the e-reading.

Here are the important tips to restore your kindle Wi-Fi connection. Try these tips and resolve your issues:

  1. Look at the range of your router device, if it is placed far away than bring the kindle device closer to it. The range of router is limited and depends on the obstructions within the home.
  2. Go to the network settings in your kindle device and turn on/off the Wi-Fi icon.
  3. Remember to check that all the lights of your DSL router are blinking or not. The lights on the router includes power light, Wi-Fi light, internet and DSL light. All these lights are necessary to glow.
  4. There is airplane mode that should always be off while turning on the Wi-Fi.
  5. Restart your kindle by pressing the power button for 20 seconds then reset it by again pressing the same button for another 15 seconds. In between you can also take amazon kindle support from the internet.
  6. The devices like kindle are not supported by peer to peer network and Ad hoc one. So you must keep this thing in mind while setting up connection for kindle.
  7. Switch off the Wi-Fi router from the wall socket and plug it again after a minute. Check for the internet service that whether the link for network is available or not. You can get it checked through the other device that is already connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If this device is working then it means that your internet is active and working.
  8. Change the SSID of your router so that new name will appear. If you do not able to do so then you can take support from your ISP.

You can try to resolve this problem through www kindle com support because your problem may be related to hardware also so get it checked by the experts sitting on the kindle com support platform. The 3rd party service providers on the internet also help you to get out this problem. You just have to pay a nominal charges for the services and get your issues resolved properly.

Kindle fire support by the kindle team is not valid for Kindle Oasis and other kindle models like kindle voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. The users of this model will take support only from the general support website. This is common issue so the user don’t need to go to another website for help. They will find the complete details of this issue on the official website itself.