How To Transfer Books From One Kindle To Another Freely And Easily?

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Kindle devices come under one umbrella term when we talk about devices to read books on. Kindle is different from others because it is backed up by Amazon and has a lot of support. It also has a plethora of books and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Kindle are available for a variety of prizes depending upon features which they offer. Kindle is also known for a long battery life and e-ink models are easy on eyes too. We will discuss how to transfer data from old Kindle to new.

About E-Books On Kindle

Ebooks on Kindle are mostly in ePub format. This format has a lot of features and hence is supported by Kindle. Though Kindle also runs pdf format, ePub offers a lot more features which pdf does not. As the generations of Kindle pass by, new devices are launched every now and then. As the Kindle Support confirms, every newer generation of the Kindle is moving towards a more simplistic and elite approach.

Hence, as these devices are getting cheaper, users want to switch to a newer device without losing their old books and data. amazon has provided with various methods on www Kindle Com Support to how to transfer data, commonly books to newer Kindle devices.

Steps To Transfer Books From One Kindle To Another :

Step 1 : Kindle help section provides support for downloaded books too. If you have to transfer downloaded books from one Kindle to another, connect the Kindle with a PC and it will show as a drive there.

Step 2 : Open the Kindle drive and open folders where books have been downloaded. Now users can drag those files on to the computer with a simple drag and drop. All kinds of files on the Kindle support this gesture.

Step 3 : Now, as Amazon Kindle Support mentioned, connect the second Kindle to the computer. It will also show up as a drive. Just open the Kindle drive, select the folder and then drag those files on your pc to the Kindle folder.

Note : For documents, one should place them in the “Documents” folder whereas, for audio files, one should place them in the “Audibles” folder.

How To Transfer Purchased Books :

There have been instances where users find it difficult to do the same process a mentioned above for purchased books. Purchased books are normally copyrighted and hence cannot be copied from one device to another. But according to Kindle Com Support, it is not necessary to copy and paste those books from one device to another.

Books which are purchased from Kindle store are automatically available on your cloud account. One can access the cloud account on a newer device by deregistering from the older device. After deregistering, one should register themselves on the new device by simply logging in.

Then by going into the readings tab, we can access e-books which we have purchased from Amazon Kindle store. Even Kindle Fire Support Help mentions the same steps, though kindle fire is more of a conventional tablet than an e-ink reader. The process is same for all variants of Kindle.

To deregister on older devices which usually used to come without an internet connection on their own but used Wi-Fi, users can contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service.

However, there is also a cautionary note. When we register on a newer Kindle without deregistering from the older one, all the synced books come to the newer device. Downloaded books though, stay on the older device. However, if we purchase a new eBook, Kindle store gives us an option to choose a device with which we want to sync our books.