How To Solve The Problem Of Charging, Wi-Fi And No Sound Through Speakers Of Your Kindle Fire?

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Today, we are going to discuss the 3 major problems along with troubleshooting steps of kindle fire tablet with you and we hope these solutions will definitely work for you.

Problem 1: Device Not Charging

A number of problems related to kindle charging have been raised by the Kindle owners so far. They have reported complete refusal to charge and partial refusal. We are going to discuss the solution for this problem with you. You must try this solution before contacting the Kindle Support number.


  1. Power off the Kindle by holding the power button for more than 20 seconds. Now plug the charger.
  2. Original USB cable must be used for charging the Kindle tablet. If you don’t have this cable, then you can get it purchased from Amazon kindle support link under accessories menu. If you are using an Amazon charger, then it will take complete 4 hours to charge the battery fully. Using a low quality or low rating charger may take more time for charging.
  3. You can check your charger by connecting it to some other device.
  4. If the light on the Kindle doesn’t change with the charger connected, then plug it firmly and push it gently into the port.  In case the charger is not working, you can get it replaced from the nearby store or send a query on www kindle Com Support link.

Problem 2: Kindle Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

There can be many possible reasons behind this problem. You can try a couple of fixes to solve the Wi-Fi not connecting problem before visiting Kindle Help link. First of all, check if the airplane mode is turned off or not. For more help, you can go to Kindle com support forum in this regard.


  1. Shut down your Kindle by holding the power button for 5 seconds. The message will pop up on the screen after 5 seconds. You need to click on ‘Shutdown a device’ option. Turn off your router as well.
  2. Now, Turn on both the devices and check if the problem is resolved or not.
  3. If you are still getting the problem, then tap on ‘settings’ and go to ‘Accounts’. Deregister your Kindle account. You can also deregister the account from your computer by visiting the Kindle fire support help page. After deregistering the account, again pull the notification flag down from the top of the screen and click on ‘Devices’ and reset your device to factory defaults from here.
  4. If you are still experiencing the same problem, then you need to change the router. For help and support in this regard, you can call your ISP or router manufacturers.

Problem 3: No Sound In Headphones

More than 30% of Kindle owners have reported this issues and they have also called at Amazon Kindle customer service number to fix this issue but they didn’t get success. We are going to discuss few things, which you can try on your device. These are discussed below.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and open ‘Display and sounds’ menu.
  2. If the inbuilt speakers are not playing any sound, then connect the external headphones to it and reboot your Kindle device.
  3. If you are using any case or body cover on your device, then try connecting the headphones to the jack after removing the cover because the unfitted case cover may sometimes won’t allow the headphone to connect properly to the jack.
  4. If you have faulty speakers or earphones, then get it replaced from the retailer store. If you are getting distortion while playing the contents, then there is a need to contact the Amazon support team or check the replacement policies online.