How To Solve The Buffering Issues With Amazon Fire T.V Or Fire Stick?

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Are you facing errors like “Buffer stack full” while streaming using Amazon Fire T.V or Amazon Fire TV stick. If, yes then here are few methods to help you in resolving the issue without wasting much of your time.

The buffering problem might occur due to several reasons some of which are : Using an older version of Kodi, power supply issues, due to sharing of internet connection by any other devices, etc. So today we will learn to overcome these reasons to avoid the buffering problem to occur.

Fire T.V or Fire Stick help steps to encounter the buffering problems with Amazon fire stick or the fire T.V.

  1. Check if you are using the latest version of Kodi or not. If no, then upgrade to Kodi 17.1 Krypton as some T.V programs don’t buffer on the device that has the older version than Kodi 17.1.
  2. Ensure your Kodi streaming is protected and unlocked. If not then make it protected by using the VPN set up steps. Doing this secures all the internet data with the help of VPN services. It might help you to encounter the problem with your Amazon Fire T.V stick.
  3. Try to download the “Crackle” application. It might solve the problem of buffering.
  4. Place Your T.V and the Fire T.V device away from each other. Keep them at a 6-7 feet distance from each other. It might resolve the problem of getting interference from the T.V that might interrupt the internet speed leading your Fire T.V device to slow buffering. You can also get Fire TV Support for many other Fire TV issues.
  5. Try replacing your regular HDMI cable with a more high-speed HDMI cable.
  6. Try using other company charges at the place of power wire that came with the Fire Stick device. Try using a Samsung charger this might resolve the issue. Do not use the charger with more than 2 amperes as this may lead to damage your Fire T.V Stick device.
  7. Lack of power supply can also lead to buffering problems like slow downloading of content and stream out simultaneously. So, try using a high power device if the buffering problem occurs.
  8. An alternate way of watching shows without the issue of buffering is, you can first download the show and then watch it. Navi-X can be used to facilitate this watching of shows.
  9. Sometimes the fluctuation or alteration in the internet bandwidth can lead to buffering problem. If it’s due to sharing of the Internet by other devices, then disconnect them from internet network. If it’s due to some modifications made by your ISP, then use VPN to block your internet service provider from doing this. Try to register on IPVanish and unlock the Kodi. Doing this will enable all the add-ons to buffer smoothly and avoid the bandwidth alteration. Using IPVanish will hide your surfing routine from your ISP. So, you will be able to surf the internet without any bandwidth issues.
  10. You should prefer SMB file sharing over NFS file sharing if you are buffering the content through the local network. If you want to access the files directly from your Fire T.V stick device, then try using a NAS system for storing the data. Also, Fire Stick Support is always there for helping you with all Fire TV issues.
  11. Open the Kodi tools, select the option for “maintenance.” There download the software to zero the cache data i.e. “Zero Caches.” Install it. Doing this will spare the space on the local disk that was causing the buffering issue. Or try to uninstall the unwanted applications by going the settings option on the Firestick home page. Select the option to “manage applications,” then choose the app and click on “Uninstall.”

Doing all this might solve your buffering issues with your Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. Still, if you find more Fire Tv problems, then feel free to get Amazon Fire TV Support for addressing the issues quickly