How To Setup Amazon Echo?

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Amazon echo is a device which was launched aiming households. It was meant to be the centrepiece for houses for households which needed automation for certain needs of theirs. Echo is the pioneer in that field. But things do not stop there. Modders have found a way to train Alexa, the echo’s voice assistant with skills. We will know more about skills after initial Amazon Echo Setup is complete. Amazon echo has a lot of other features which are added at first party level by Amazon while many of them are also added by modders.

About Echo And Skills :

When Echo was launched, its USP was the miles ahead AI which did a lot of crucial tasks and made it a utility rather than a gimmick. However, modders made it a lot more useful by hacking into its source code and adding their own skills. Skills are those lines of code which let echo do more than it is intended to do. The best part is yet to come. If skills are added, Amazon Echo Support would not end. The warranty would not go void.

Skills can be imagined as asking echo to open the motorised garage door or to switch off smart LED lamps by Philips. We also need devices which have abilities to be controlled by voice commands so that they can talk with Alexa. There are a lot of skills which can be downloaded and added into echo like plugins and that is what has made echo a lot more useful than it already is. A lot more can be learnt about it at Amazon Echo Help.

How To Setup Amazon Echo :

  1. Downloading the Alexa app : Since echo does not have a screen or a display on its own, a smartphone is usually used to access most of its settings and to make use of its features. After downloading the Alexa app from app stores or simply from www Amazon Com Echosetup, we can sign into it and then setup is complete at the device end.
  2. Now, plug the cord into Echo and then into a power outlet. The echo ring will turn blue and then orange. Once the ring turns orange, echo greets its user. Now we need to pair echo to the wireless network.
  3. Echo and the device accessing it needs to be on the same wireless network. Echo can be connected to the wireless network using the handheld device. Once the connection has been made, the app will let you through the tutorial to set the wake word, the speech manual and what can echo do.

After all these steps have been done, the setup is complete. Now we can talk to Alexa by saying the wake word followed by a command. If the results are visual, they will appear on our handheld device but if they are audio, Alexa will recite it. For instance, for booking an uber, if we command Alexa, the results would be a hybrid.

Alexa might respond with audio followed by starting the Uber app on your smartphone to show the direction of the arriving cab. Wake words are usually very limited as set by Amazon. Currently, there are only a couple of wake words from which we can choose.

Amazon has also released peripherals for echo which come under Support for Amazon Echo. They are known as Tap and Dot for the echo. These peripherals are used to extend echo range as well as to be used wirelessly as powerful speakers since echo’s speakers are not that powerful.

Amazon Echo is available in selected regions for now and will roll out soon.