How To Set Up A Network Connection On Fire TV?

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In order to start accessing the content on your Fire TV, it’s necessary to link your Fire TV to a specific network. Here is the way to link it.

How is it going with your  Amazon Fire TV? Being one of the prime products of Amazon, the Fire TV has already marked its position as one of the key devices in the media players category. With the exclusive lineup of features and services, Amazon’s digital media player has also gained the place as the prime source of entertainment in the home of all the users around the world.

With the pace of technology and innovation, Amazon has been always active in terms of upgrading the lineup of digital media players in terms of features and other functions in order to improve the performance and user experience of all the users.

Apart from the features, one of the most promising thing about the Fire TV is the ability to render the classic bunch of apps which turns out to be the best way to stream all your favorite content on the big screen. Well, many of you would be not aware that the Amazon’s digital media player also permits the users to play out the video games through a mobile app, or with the option of a game controller.

All the things which are mentioned above can only be accessed if you have got a stable network connection. If you are one of the new users who is kicking start the entertaining journey with the media player, then do look out the following steps in order to link your new media player to a stable network connection.

In Order To Link Your Fire TV To A Wi-Fi Connection –

1. Firstly you need to choose the Settings, then Network from the menu of your Fire TV.  After that, your device will automatically detect all the nearby networks.

2. After that, you will need to choose the preferred network. In the case, if you don’t get any kind of preferred network, then it could be hidden- try out to choose the Rescan or Join Other Networks options at the center of the list.

3. If required head on to enter the network password. There are some of the networks which are actually free to join, while the other need a password to link.

4. When your device get linked to the particular network, you will simply get a confirmation message on your TV screen.

Note : In the case, if you are switching to a Wi-Fi connection from a wired connection, then ensure to delink the Ethernet cable from the Fire TV before trying to link the device to the specific Wi-Fi.

In Order To Link To A Wired Connection Through An Ethernet Cable (Not Included) :

1. Firstly, head on to link the one end of the Ethernet cable to the fire TV’s back, and then simply link the other end to an available Ethernet port on the router or the modem.

2. Now, head on to choose the Settings, and then Network from the menu of the Fire TV.

3. Lastly, just choose the wired option. After choosing, you will get the confirmation message on the screen when the connection is completed.

In the case, if you counter any tech barrier, then simply navigate to Amazon Fire TV Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.