How To Permanently Delete The E-Books From Your Kindle?

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Is your Kindle filled up with the books you no longer want to read? If yes, you might feel like to remove them from your Kindle. Thus today we have few Kindle Support steps that will help you in deleting the books from Kindle.

Kindle provides an excellent reading experience over more than millions of titles, but it only has limited storage space. Due to which users can only save few books that can be stored in the existing storage space of the Kindle. Once the Kindle’s storage space is full, the users can not download more new books to their Kindle until they free some memory by deleting any of the present E-books. We can not extend the Kindles memory space thus there is no option except removing the old books to be able to save new books. So we should know the procedure to delete the books from Kindle in case we need to empty the space for collecting new titles.

There are two ways to remove the books :

  1. By archiving the books for a short time.
  2. By permanently removing the titles.

First of all, we will discuss the steps to Archive an E-book and then learn the procedure for completely removing the E-books from Kindle E-reader.

You can Archive some of your E-books if you are experiencing Shortage for Kindle storage space. Archiving the titles will delete the books from Kindle but will still save them to your Amazon account. So if in future you want to read those books then you need not search for them as you can just download them from your Kindle account. Archived books remain a part of your purchased books you just need to download them for reading in spite of again paying for them. Still, if you find any problem with Kindle, then get quick Kindle Support to solve all the issues related to Kindle.

Steps to Archive a book :

  1. To delete a recently viewed book move on to your Kindle’s Home screen. Else to remove any other book open the library then search and select the title you want to delete.
  2. For touch, screen Kindles tap and press that title for some time until the list of options come up. Whereas press the left arrow button for the highlighted title in case of Kindle with the keypad.
  3. From the list of options select the option to “Delete” or “Remove.” It will eliminate the title from your Kindle. But you can again download the same titles from your Amazon account if you require them in future. You can also get Kindle Help if you find any issue while downloading the files from your Amazon Kindle account.

Steps to permanently delete the files from Kindle :

  1. Click on “Sign in” to open your Amazon account using your account credentials.
  2. Select the option to “Manage content and devices.”
  3. It will display the list of E-books you have with your Amazon account or Kindle device along with their details like date of purchase, price, etc.
  4. Select the books you want to remove from the existing menu. You can also type the titles for searching the books.
  5. Once you have selected the titles, you want to remove from your library and Kindle device, then go the option for “Delete” present on the top of the top of that list. It will now show you a prompt like “are you sure about removing these books,” then click on “Yes” or “Confirm” as per available. It will then delete the titles from your Kindle and even from your Amazon account. This action can not be reversed as the files once deleted would be eliminated from your Amazon account and Kindle.

So it’s better to delete only those files that you won’t ever need for future reading and prefer archiving the books that you think can be used for reading again after some time. Always visit www Kindle Com Support for many other Kindle help steps.