How To Make A Call With Amazon Echo Device?

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People new to Amazon Echo device initially face few difficulties while operating it. Most of the people are unable to make calls using it. So today we have a small guide to help the users in making calls from their Echo device.

Before making calls, we need to have the “Alexa” application installed on our device. Alexa application is the one which helps us in making free calls from our mobile phones or tablets using the Amazon Echo device. Alexa is the one that interprets your voice commands and performs the given tasks.

Amazon Echo Help Steps To Make A Call :

  1. You need to have an Amazon Echo Device in good working condition.
  2. Download and install the “Alexa” application on your mobile or tablet, ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the app.
  3. Once the application is successfully installed, then open the app on any of your Android devices. Now, you need to add an Amazon echo device with your “Alexa” app.

Steps For Amazon Echo Setup :

i. Tap swipe the left side of your application home page.

Amazon Echo Dotii. Go to “Settings” option.

iii. Find the “Devices” menu. Click on it.

iv. Go to “Bluetooth” option.

v. Select the option “Pair devices.”

vi. It will show the list of available Bluetooth devices. From there select your Amazon echo device Bluetooth. Make sure your echo device Bluetooth is “on” otherwise it won’t show up in the available Bluetooth devices for pairing.

vii. Doing all this will now enable you to make calls from your Echo. But if you are not able to hear the call, then go to the Bluetooth settings and there again manually pair your echo device.

So, it was all you need to set up your Amazon Echo but If you are not able to setup, then you should get Amazon Echo Support for more help procedures.

  1. Application settings to enable calling: The application will provide you with the set of instruction for setup. So just keep on following the instructions. In the message settings option choose automatic processing. It will now ask you for personal details like your name, mobile number, etc. so enter them correctly and proceed to allow the access to your phonebook contacts.
  2. Amazon EchoEnsure the name of people you want to call is same as the name you would use in your verbal commands for your Echo device while asking it to call. For example, if you ask your Amazon Echo to call a person by using his nickname but in the phone book, it is saved with the full name then the device won’t be able to make a call.
  3. Ensure that the person whom you are calling also has these devices and is using an updated version of Alexa application only then the call would be successful.
  4. To call someone, you simply need to speak “Alexa call” followed by the name of the person you want to call. For example “Alexa call Rita.” So, It will make a call to the number saved with the name Rita in your phonebook.
  5. Similarly, to answer a call, you need to speak “Alexa, answer” and to disconnect a call you need to say “Alexa hang-up.”
  6. The moment when you will receive a call, then all of your echo devices that are connected to your Alexa application will start to ring. Similarly, when you receive a message the green light on your echo devices will blink. To hear the message you need to say “Alexa play message.” It will read out the message for you.

So, these were some setup steps required to make or receive calls and messages from the Amazon Echo device. If you correctly follow this procedure, then you will surely be able to use your echo device for making calls. Also, visit www Amazon Com Echo Setup for more Setup procedures for using different Echo features.