How To Fix The Pairing Issue With Fire TV Remote App?

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Being one of the users of Fire TV, if you get any pairing issue related to your Fire TV remote app, then here are the facile steps to fix it.

Are you doing well with your Fire TV? Being one of the top classic products of Amazon, the Fire TV has marked its position as the key player in the top media players in the market. And with the lineup of exclusive features and astonishing services, the dynamic Fire TV has also been able to grab the attention of all the potential users around the world.

There are many users who access their Fire TV just for accessing all the apps. But, there are many things, which many of the new users are not aware of their media player. Like rendering the classic lineup of games which can play with the Fire TV remote or a game controller, which is the reason that the Amazon’s media player is rendering the best experience to all the users out there.

Besides all the things, the accessing of Fire TV gets much better with the fine Fire TV remote app. The app provides the easy way to access the interface of the Fire TV on the big screen, which results in a fast way to access all your favorite content in a better way. But, sometimes there are instances when pairing the Fire TV remote app gets difficult. If you are facing such issue with your Fire TV remote app, then check out the solutions below to fix the issue.

1) Check Out The Installation Of The App  – The first thing that you need to ensure is that is your mobile is compatible or not for the downloading and installing of the Fire TV remote app. You can get the app on:

  • Fire phone
  • Android devices (running the Android OS 4.0 version or upgrade version)
  • Fire tablets (microphone enabled)
  • iOS devices (running the iOS 7.0 or upgrade version)
  • The device should finish the whole installation process to avoid any further issue.

2) Checking Out The Settings And The Wireless Connectivity – The first thing that you are required to make sure is that the device on which the Fire TV app is downloaded is linked with the local Wi-Fi network. To get the favorable result, just head to use the same fire stick helpWi-Fi network used by your Fire TV.

Note : In the case, if you are using advanced settings on the modem or router on a manual basis to allocate a reliable IP address to the Fire TV, then here you will require to change up the IP address to the “Automatic” setting. Apart from this, also ensure that the multicast support is in the enabled mode on your modem or router.

3) Stopping Mirror Display – To mirror the display to your Fire TV, if you are accessing any other mobile device, then you will face trouble to pair your Fire TV app. Just stop the mirroring on any other device and then try out again.

4)  Delinking The Non-Usable Remotes And Accessories – In this section, just try out to delink with the accessories or any remotes that are not in use with your Fire TV.

To manage and control your paired Bluetooth accessories and remotes, just head to choose Settings-Controllers and Bluetooth Devices from the menu of Fire TV.

5) Clearing Data For The Fire TV Remote App –

Note : If you are an iOS device user, then the “Clear data” option is not for you, as the iOS device don’t provide the option of “clear data” for the installed apps. But, if you an Android user, then you can easily try out the “clear data” option for clearing the app data for your Fire TV remote app. Here are the steps:

  • First, head to unlock the Settings menu for the device.
  • Then, click the Application manager or the Apps.
  • Now, head to choose the “Fire TV Remote App” from the display list on the screen
  • Now, just click the Clear Data option and then click OK.
  • Lastly, unlock the Fire TV Remote App again and then try to pair the device again.

6) Restarting The Devices – The most common and easy step to fix out almost all the issues is just to restart the Fire TV. To do that, head on to delink the power cord and then wait for around three seconds and then just plug the cord back in.

You can try out the option to restart the mobile device on which your Fire TV Remote App has been downloaded and installed.

If all these solutions don’t work, you can easily navigate to the experts for proper guidance and solutions.