How To Fix The Issue Of Wi-Fi Connectivity In Amazon Echo?

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Amazon echo is a device developed by the online retailer company headquartered at Washington. This device works on your command and query with the help of speech recognition system. It is operated with the remote device connected to it. It can be any smart device like mobile, tablet and so forth. You need internet connection for this. If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi then we will help you in resolving this issue via this blog post. You can take help from www. echosetup link also for reference.


Note – It should be kept in mind that echo works on Dual band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz networks only. It does not support peer to peer networks. The following information is also available on the Amazon echo help manual provided with the box.

1. Check the at present status of Wi-Fi network

The power LED assembled on the top of echo device show the current status of your Wi-Fi network. The status of network on the basis of each LED is discussed below:

  • Solid white light: It means that echo is connected to Wi-Fi network.
  • Orange light: No connection established.
  • Blinking orange light: The Alexa voice services are absent but echo is connected to Wi-Fi network.

First Aid –

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network again.
  • Make sure that you have entered correct password in the Wi-Fi network. This password is different from the Amazon account password.
  • Check whether other devices are connected to the same network or not. If not then problem lies within your Wi-Fi network. In this case you need to take assistance from your internet service provider.
  • One option is to upgrade your router firmware.
  • If the password of your network is recently changed then you need to enter the password again.
  • The router by default uses WPA+ WPA2 security feature. It is recommended to switch to single one only. AES security encryption is recommended for proper security.


2. Curtail the Wi-Fi congestion 

If you have connected more than one device to your Wi-Fi network then it may affect the connection speed and performance.

  • Turn off the irrelevant devices to free up the bandwidth space.
  • Place or bring the device nearer to the router for more network strength. Because the network strength is affected by the room walls and other objects.
  • Devices like microwave, monitors should be kept away from the amazon echo as these produces electromagnetic waves that can interfere with the amazon echo setup.
  • The Wi-Fi devices mainly works on 2.4 GHZ frequency if more than one device is connected to it then it will congests the signal.
  • The process of troubleshooting a network is almost same for all the amazon audio devices as well as amazon echo dot and amazon echo tap. You can take help from various links available on the internet.

3. Restart network hardware as Echo device

To restart the echo device and internet modem follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Switch off the router and internet modem and wait for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Restart the modem and wait till all the lights start blinking.
  • After turning on the modem, switch on the router and wait for minute.
  • In-between this, unplug the echo device from the power socket and switch on the device again after 10-15 seconds.


Again Connect to your Wi-Fi. The amazon Alexa setup also requires an internet connection for downloading.

Contact Internet service provider, manufacturer and administrator

Amazon Echo

If you still face any problem in connecting to the network then you can move to your nearest internet service provider or network hardware manufacturer service center. www amazon com echosetup is the link for finding the setup related details for Echo devices.