How To Fix The 4 Common Problems Of Your Amazon Echo?

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Amazon’s echo, tap and dot is constantly moving in the upgrading mode. Still, there are some common problems to get fixed with the smart device. Know the 4 common issues and the solutions of Amazon Echo.

echo helpHow your friendship is going on with your smarty speaking device? I know there are many reasons to cherish the smart speaking device which is enabled with the smart digital voice assistant (Alexa). The diverse range of the smart device which includes Amazon echo, Amazon echo dotand Amazon echo tap, has proved its supremacy in providing the class service in the competitive market. With extensive features and amazing services, the device is still adding many new users in the market. So, all the new users who want to get started with the smart device, they can head to echosetup to get the proper steps to create their account. When these devices work intentionally, they seem to be quite impressive and helpful according to the need. But, as you know things don’t work according to what they are intended to do. Amazon echo is also dealing with the same issue, as the smart speaker also carries some common flaws which are can’t be an acceptable reason when you are spending your bucks to get a digital hand in the form of a smart speaker. At the use of my time, I also encounter some small issues, which were resolved with the power cycle of the device.

That’s why this blog post is focusing on the common problems of the device.

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  1. Incapability Of Alexa To Find The Smart Home Devices – Before you try to add up any new smart home device with the Alexa speaker, then make sure that the device you want to add to the smart speaker is natively supported or not. The list of smart devices adding up to the smart speaker is getting increase day by day with devices like Ecobee3, Nest, Lifx, Insteon, Wink and Phillips Hue. However, there are many devices which have added Alexa as the support by Skills.You can add any new device, just unlock the A app, go to Smart home and click Discover devices under the section of your devices section. So, if you have added the device, but, your Alexa is not detecting the device, then do the following solutions –
  • Check the command you are using with your Alexa, as there are different commands, which vary between the linked service like IFTTT and skills. The small differences could be due to the name of the device or the phrasing.
  • Due to software problems, the smart home devices gets into trouble, which can be simply solved with the reboot of the device. If still, you could not get rid of the problem, then simply navigate to Amazon Echo Help to get some quick solutions of the problem.
  1. Persistent Disconnect From The Wireless Network – There are instances when the echo, tap or dot don’t get connected to your network. First, go for the turn-off and turn-on procedure of your Alexa speaker, router, and modem. Now, listen the audio for few minutes, and then see whether the issue is still persisting. If so, then move the speaker with other devices, and close to the router and then try to switch the speaker to 5 GHz channel to reduce the interference.
  1. Amazon Echo SupportHearing Problem – There are many instances which have made the smart speaker to hear you correctly. Just place the speaker 8 inches from the wall. If this doesn’t work, then you can navigate to “Voice Training” under the settings section. This will allow you to read 25 phrases aloud so that your Alexa can understand you well. If you still encounter any issue with setting up of your digital voice assistant, then go to Amazon Alexa Setup for further steps.
  1. Fluky Activation – The fluky activation actually happens, when your friend Alexa starts speaking undesirable responses when you are watching your favorite shows.

Three solutions to counter the issue –

  • Moving the speaker from Tv.
  • While watching tv, press the mute switch.
  • Change the default speaker to either “Amazon” or “Echo”.

Well, voice activation might get better with some general improvements like learning a specific person’s voice or having custom wake words.