How to fix ‘Fire TV Blank Screen on Boot’ error?

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If you’re an Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick user and find that you’re struggling with the black screen error then you need to follow these simple troubleshooting steps.

Being a user of Amazon Fire TV, if you’re struggling with Fire TV blank screen on boot issue then here we have few troubleshooting steps for you. You can also get in touch with professionals, but before contacting experts, we recommend you first try these simple steps, if these steps show you no result, then contact them.

Fire TV Blank Screen on Boot Fixation

  • If you’re struggling with this issue, then simply you can say that your Fire TV is in the mode of deep sleep and you just need to wake your device up. Wake up procedure is facile, you just need to make a hit on your remote’s ‘back’ button.
  • You can check the Fire TV Remote Shortcuts; you may find some solution from there.
  • Lift your Fire TV remote and make 10 seconds press on REWIND and UP button. You may see the light or blink on your television, when it moves to a display resolution that working properly, you need to make a hold on SELECT button so that you can select the mode. After attempting this step, you will see the fixation on your Fire TV display issue.
  • May be your Fire TV is asking for reset to the factory default settings. Now you simply need to make a hold on BACK and REVERSE plus RIGHT and SELECT so you can perform a factory reset.
  • If despite following 1st and 2nd steps, you see no change, then your Fire TV is deceased.
  • You can encounter the forcing a resolution of your screen like 1080 60 Hz. You need to mess with the display settings. For more Fire Stick Support, you can contact professionals.
  • Make a hold on SELECT and PLAY for approx. 5-10 seconds so that you can restart your Fire TV or Fire Stick.

Kodi isn’t start

If you feel that your Fire TV is working good but not Kodi, then you need to get in touch with techncians for better and precise help. It often happens when Kodi swamped with its own data, and in such case, you need to install Kodi again plus you also need to install TV Addons again.

Fire TV HDMI Cable

As we know that Fire TV requires an HDMI cable, so you need to check this appropriately that the HDMI cable is properly connected to your Fire Tv or Fire Stick device. If you find that your HDMI cable is faulty, then that’s the main reason which giving your Fire TV an issue of blank screen on boot. You need to buy a new HDMI wire cable, and it will cost you around $10.

Fire TV Power Cable

If you’re facing the issue of black screen then let us tell that power cable of Fire TV is the only cable which can give you this error so, we strongly recommend you use power block/power cable that you have got with your Fire TV device. If you haven’t got this cable, then you can purchase it by spending few dollars.

Fire TV Buffering

If you find that buffering taking place in your Amazon Fire TV continuously, then you can ask for better help by getting in touch with professionals. Overheating, something wrong with Wi-Fi signal strength, issues regarding software and signals come from other devices can cause this issue of buffering. For any Fire Stick Help, you can contact experts.