How To Fix Amazon Dot Connectivity Problem?

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Being a user of Dot, if you feel that your Dot is struggling with the connectivity issue then try these simple procedure, you might see some positive change in your issue. Check the following content.

As we all are aware of Dot plus also know the importance of this amazing device in daily home activities, but many users are struggling with intermittent connectivity issue. According to users for few minutes it suddenly gives an issue which related to connection and after some time works properly.

amazon echo supportAccording to many users, they have returned their Dot and purchased the new one but alas! The same issue they faced on that and many are still facing. Here we have few helpful steps for you. Hopefully, these steps will show you some positive result. Once take a glimpse at how and where Dot is giving the issue. Many people said that when they purchased the Dot, first they worked properly, but afterward, they started seeing the issue in it. After detecting the issue, those users returned the Dot and got a new one then placed the Dot in the den and found that issue is still there. They have placed Dot in someone’s house as well, but after keeping the Dot in the den, they came to know that there was something wrong with the den.

So, there’s a chance of having a technical mess in the den or in the Dot which they have used. But most probably the chances of issue related to Wi-fi. When it comes to a connectivity issue, then we can’t skip the Wi-Fi option. Well, you have an option of grabbing Amazon Echo Help by getting in touch with professionals as well.

amazon echo setupPeople those who are using Apple router which holds software can get the little information regarding Wi-Fi which grips the connection. According to software, the Kitchen Dot holds a b/g/n radio whereas Do holds and a /n radio. And when we take a glimpse at the letters, then get the indication that Wi-Fi protocol the radio works with: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g. We know this is quite complicated but many people can understand this. If the so holds no flaw then you Dot may hold some different Wi-Fi radio which is opposite of your den Dot. The den Dot grips 802.11a, now this might be the reason that you’re struggling with this connectivity issue.

Now we’re going little technical, if you see the settings in the router software then there you need turn off 802.11a (5Ghz Wi-Fi band). If you turn it off, then you won’t see any issue in your home devices. Your home device needs no 802.11a, they all are residing in ‘g’ or ‘n.’ As you turned off 802.11a on the band of 5GHz, then you may get relief from the issue of connectivity. Many people/users of Dot, those who have faced this particular issue have shared the different fixation steps. They also shared the same thing that you have to mess with the settings of your router and check the change, is it worked or not? Amazon also shared many fixation steps regarding this technical mess as well. echo helpYou need to perform the Factory Reset on your Dot, just make a press on the down and minus buttons at the same time unless your eyes catch no light.

2.You need to shift the Dot and ensure that no technical or electrical gadget is becoming the cause of interference or obstacle

3.If you 2.4GHz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi bands hold the similar SSID, then you need to change their names. For more Amazon Echo Support, you can contact professionals.