How To Enable Sharing Of Books On Kindle?

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Kindle Library allows it users to create a Library through which all the family members and friends can share the books present on it. So today we have steps to guide you in setting up the Kindle library for this shared access.

Amazon Kindle Library is the best place to search all kinds of books may be old or new. To share the Kindle books with friends and family members, you need to setup a Family Library to grant them access to those books. One can create access for two adult members and four children to read the books available in that Family library of Kindle. All the allowed users can read the books at the same time without interrupting each other.

So here are few Kindle Support steps to add the users to Family library of Kindle so repeat the following setup to grant access to your family members :

    1. Click on the option to Manage your Household and login to the account.
    2. Go to the Household and Family Library option and click on settings
  1. Enter the email address and password for the added users and if they don’t have an Amazon account, then create a new one for them.
  2. If you want to share the payment methods, then click on “yes” enable all the accounts to share the payment.
  3. Now select the books for shared access that can be used by the rest other members included in the library and the books that those members will like to share with you.
  4. After all the above settings are over, click on save or finish as per the option available.

Once, you have allowed the user you will need to manage content the content available on the library so just go through the following steps to modify the available content in the family library.

  1. Open your Amazon account.
  2. Go to “Manage content and devices.”
  3. Click on the “Content” tab and choose the option to view “Family Library.”
  4. Choose the books for which you want to enable sharing and click on to “Add to library.”
  5. Now select the family members if you want and click on Ok.

Now after all the settings are over for Family library setup you need to guide the users to share and download the books from that Library. So here are the following Kindle Help steps required to download a book from Kindle’s Family Library.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to “Manage content and devices.”
  3. Select the books you want to download and click on “Deliver.”
  4. Browse the location where these books will be saved and then again click on the option to “Deliver.”

To learn sharing of books go through the following steps :

  1. Visit the Kindle store using any of your devices connected to the internet and search for the title you want to share by typing in its name in the search field.
  2. Select the option to “loan this book.” at the product page.
  3. You will find the page for “Loan this Book” which will ask you to type in the email address for the user with whom you want to share it.
  4. Now tap on the option to send.

So this was all you need to enable the sharing of books using a Kindle’s Family library feature. For more Kindle help procedure always head to www Kindle Com Support and get the best-guided procedures.