How To Easily Fix The 7 Major Kindle Fire Problems?

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The kindle fire series developed by Amazon has been proven a success for them. Amazon had released the original kindle fire model earlier but now it has upgraded and overhauled its offerings in respect of features and hardware. Today we are going to discuss the 7 major problems related to kindle fire model and going to provide a solution for them in this blog post. In case you find any problem with implementing our steps, you can call at Kindle Support number.

  1.  Kindle fire stuck on the logo : Few kindle customers have reported that they have not been able to start their kindle fire properly because their device stuck on the logo. The solution to this problem is simply connecting the kindle with the charger for 15 minutes. Now, restart the kindle with the power button. Check if the problem is solved or not. If the problem still persists, then call at Amazon Kindle Support number for assistance.
  2. App keeps on crashing or isn’t loading : If you are facing this problem, then go to the device settings followed by apps and games. Click on ‘manage apps’ and uninstall the app, which keeps on crashing. If you are still having any problem, then go to Kindle Com Support link. Restart your device by clicking the power button for 40 seconds.
  3. Kindle stuck while optimizing the apps and system storage : This is quite a common problem caused by some kindle fire HD customers. The permanent fix to this problem is; charge your kindle for at least 20 minutes, then check it, if the problem still exists, then this is related to your MicroSD card. Remove the card from the device and check if the problem is resolved or not.
  4. MicroSD not detected or recognized : Many kindle users have been facing an issue with their MicroSD card. Their device is not recognizing the card. Due to this, they are not able to open the contents from the card. To fix this problem, hold the power button for 40 seconds so as to perform force reset function. Check for updates over a Wi-Fi connection. Update your kindle fire tablet manually by logging onto www Kindle Com Support link or visit the update page link.
  5. Highlighted buttons and voice descriptions : If you find any yellow line around the buttons or voice describe when you click on any icon, then there are chances that you may have accidently turned on the accessibility mode. To turn off this function, Click on ‘settings’ followed by ‘accessibility and voice guide’ option. Swipe to turn it off.
  6. Keeps on shutting down : If your kindle fire tablet is turning off frequently, then follow the steps mentioned here. There is no need to take Kindle Help from any other blog post if you implement the steps carefully.

Make sure that the battery of your kindle is fully charged.

Reset your kindle by holding the power button for 15 seconds.

If your screen goes off after a while then check the display settings from the settings menu. If nothing has worked, then call at Amazon Kindle Customer Service number.

  1. Errors while typing with the keyboard : Some kindle users have failed to type correctly on their kindle device with the kindle keyboard. They reported that they have got similar characters on the screen when they try to enter different words. To troubleshoot this problem; clean the screen with the cloth and check if any bubble is there in the screen protector, then remove it. You can also perform a factory reset to troubleshoot this problem. For any help and assistance, you can go to Kindle Fire Support Help link.