How To Control Amazon Fire TV Device Without Remote With The Help Of Alexa?

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An online retailer company ‘Amazon’ has brought in a new feature for all the fire TV users. If you are having any Amazon fire TV device and Amazon echo at home, then you can now control your Fire TV with Amazon Echo Setup. You don’t need to use TV remote anymore. The company had launched this feature on August 1 and it has now been officially available for all users. After pairing both the devices, you can open Netflix through you voice command by simply saying ‘Alexa open Netflix’.

If you want to watch a horror movie, then simply say it to ‘Alexa’. It will open all the horror movies on your Amazon Fire TV. Earlier, this feature was accessible only by limited users in limited countries but now it has opened for all users living globally. All the movies, shows and titles are arranged according to the genre, actor and time.

Now we are going to discuss the steps for pairing your Amazon Fire TV with the Amazon echo. If you find any problem, you can contact Amazon Echo support from your telephone.

How To Pair The Device?

According to the company norms and process, if only one device is registered on Amazon account, then there is no need to pair the device with Amazon echo because it will automatically pair with it. In such case, you just need to command Alexa to play ‘XYZ’ contents on Amazon fire TV. Yes, if you have owned more than one fire TV at home, then you require pairing of both the devices. You can pair only through Alexa app in such cases.

  • Open the Menu and choose Books, Music, and video.
  • Tap Fire TV.
  • Tap on ‘Link Alexa device’ and follow the on-screen instructions to link particular device of your choice. For more support, you can go to Amazon echo help link.
  • Click on link devices to confirm your submission for selected device.
  • You can manage and view the device connected to Amazon echo in coming future.

Note : If you are using a multiple Amazon echoes for controlling the same fire device, then you can control single TV with single echo at a time. You can’t use it simultaneously. Moreover, your Amazon Echo and Amazon fire TV should be registered on same Amazon account.

How To Control Amazon Fire TV With Amazon Alexa?

You can command Alexa to change the input channel, play a series of the show, search for the particular app and return to home screen. A series of voice commands and press release are also available on the official www Amazon Com Echosetup page. For example, if you want to watch a serial or action movie, then speak the same to Alexa. She will respond to your query instantly and start playing the contents according to it.

List Of Compatible Devices : List of compatible devices is given below.

  • Echo dot
  • Amazon Tap
  • Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo show
  • Compatible third party devices.

Fire TV : Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick both are compatible with Amazon echo and Alexa. If you find any problem in pairing Amazon fire TV and Echo then you can get support for Amazon echo from our web page as well.

Apart from this, if you are having a TV with built-in Amazon software, then you can control it too with your Alexa. In other words, we can say that if you have owned an Amazon fire 4k edition TV, then you can pair it with your Amazon Echo without any problem. You can change the settings as well as a channel of your Fire TV through Alexa.