How To Cancel The Order If Unable To Do It Using Amazon Echo?

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Although Amazon Echo allows a user to cancel the order even just after you have placed the order, still if the Amazon Echo is not able to cancel the order then you can cancel it from

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo can cancel the orders even just after the purchase of that article. In case the users are unable to process the canceling of the order using Amazon Echo, then they can cancel by visiting the Amazon site. Here we have the steps to guide you in canceling the order from if it can not be canceled from Amazon echo device. Further, we will also discuss the options to manage the options for voice shopping to avoid accidental purchases.

So go through the following steps to cancel the order from :

  1. amazon echo supportOpen the browser on any of your device using the internet.
  2. Type in the URL as
  3. Click on “Login” and enter your login credentials to open your Amazon account.
  4. Select the option for your “Orders” and try to view the list of open orders.
  5. Highlight the order that you want to cancel.
  6. Click on the check box in front of those selected orders to select them.
  7. Now tap on the option to “Cancel” to remove all those checked in orders.

Once, the order is canceled you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been canceled. Also, in case you are not able to cancel an order then you can refuse for that order or return it after receiving, and the orders can be returned free of cost. If you received the order directly from the seller, then you need to contact that seller for returning that order.

Now we will go through few voice shopping settings to avoid accidental purchases. For this, you need to go through the following changes in your Voice Shopping settings :

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. www Amazon Com EchosetupMove down to Account settings and choose the option for “Voice Purchasing.”
  3. Now try to turn on and off the voice purchase feature if required or not respectively, so that it could not buy any item until you give commands after turning it on.
  4. Enable the option to ask for confirmation code for every particular purchase. So set a code that you will verify for every purchase. Doing this will make sure that no one other than you can shop using your Amazon Echo. Also if ever you accidentally bought any thing then the order won’t be confirmed until you enter that confirmation code. Thus help you in canceling the order by moving back.
  5.  You can also change the payment settings: To make these changes. Ask Alexa to open payment settings and select the option to view one click payment details. To change the payment settings ask Alexa to Edit Payment details. It will open up the saved payment details. Now edit the payment details by putting the new payment details for which you may receive notification before any purchase. It might resolve the issue as no payment for any article would be processed without your permission.

So this way you can cancel the unnecessary purchases and avoid accidental purchases. Also feel free to get  echo help  for more support related to Amazon Echo.

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