How To Buy, Download From And Deliver To Kindle For iPad, iPod, And iPhone Touch?

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Kindle reading apps let you read the kindle content and e-books. But you can’t directly shop the content from theses apps. You can buy the content from kindle store using Safari browser. But how can you buy the content on Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Let’s check in this article.

If you love reading e-books, then you must know about the reading apps of kindle. These apps let you read the kindle content very easily. But directly shopping or buying the content from these apps is not possible. You can buy content from kindle store by using Safari browser in iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. During that process, you can deliver kindle titles to the kindle reading app. For more information, you can visit www Kindle com Support.

Downloading And Buying The Kindle Content

For downloading kindle content to your kindle reading apps, you must ensure that you have connected your device a wireless or data connection and now follow these steps or you can also take Kindle Support :

  • Visit the kindle store website from Safari browser. For iPad use kindle store for iPad and for iPod and iPhone use Kindle store for iPod and iPhone.
  • Now sign in to Kindle store with same Amazon account that you used at the time of registering kindle reading app.
  • Browse for the kindle titles that you want to read.
  • For buying a book, click on the option of buy book.
  • For opening the book in your Kindle app, click on the option of read now.
  • When you have purchased the content, it will automatically be available for downloading with the kindle app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In case of any difficulty Kindle Help can be taken.
  • From the home screen of the app, click on the cover of the title that you want to download. Up to three titles can be downloaded simultaneously. After the completion of the download a check mark will appear. Larger books may take long time to download.

Delivering The Content To Kindle Reading App

You can deliver your kindle books and personal documents to your kindle reading app by using Manage your content and devices.

Follow these steps to successfully deliver the content to kindle reading apps or you can also take Amazon Kindle Support :

  • For delivering the content successfully, you must be registered with that same Amazon account, that you have used while buying the content.
  • After your purchase, the title is saved to Cloud and can be accessed from the option of manage your content and devices. New purchases are sent to your reading app and appear under the tab of Cloud.
  • Click on the option of manage your devices and content.
  • Select Your Content.
  • Select the title and click on the option of Deliver to default device or others.
  • In the pop up window select the app or device from the drop down menu if prompted.
  • If the title is not compatible, the device or reading app will not be selectable in the drop down menu.
  • In case of any query, Kindle Com Support can be taken.
  • Now choose the option of deliver. Whenever your device is connected to a wireless or network connection, your content will be automatically delivered to your device.