How the amazon kindle support helps in fixing the issue of unable to connect to e-book store in kindle device?

kindle support tollfree 844-245-8778

The problem of connecting to the e-book store is very common and it mostly happens due to obsolete software. The update is required in this issue. Take kindle support from the website as well regarding this issue.

The amazon kindle online e-book library is indeed a biggest library where all the books from different world are available. People, who are users of kindle device find their favourite book from this store and download it by paying the charges for it. They feel pleasure in using this commendable service. The quality as well as quantity is spectacular at this place. If they find difficult to search the book then they can take kindle help from the library itself.

Everything is possible only if there is proper internet connection or the kindle e-book store is accessible otherwise there is feeling of disappointment among the users. You all have tried your best to revive the connection but it seems that nothing has been working for you. If you have also faced the same problem then sit relax, we are now providing the best solution for it. This solution is certified even by the official website of kindle customer service support.

Is this problem noticed in specific models only?

The answer for this is exactly yes. If you have purchased the kindle before 2013 then you will suffer this problem. The problem is with the operating system that you are using in that device. If you have not updated your system then you will no longer able to access the internet on the device. Due to this the e-book also remain inaccessible. If you have purchased anything through amazon cloud service and your device is bought before 2013 then you cannot access these files even without updating the operating system. This problem of update is rarely reported by the routine users as compare to the occasional users because the update notification keeps on telling the user regarding the update. If you are routine user then you can easily read that update but if you are not a routine user then you will not get any notification regarding it. Either you have to go to www kindle com support or call at customer care number for latest update.

If you have bought the top models of kindle like oasis or voyage then the good thing about these are that: you can receive the update notification automatically whenever your device gets connected to the internet. If your kindle is switched off then you will not able to receive the notification on the spot.

Amazon has declared the deadline for update in order to continue the services. Those who have already updated can move further easily but those who have not updated can get it done through manually.

Manual process of updating

  1. Connect the kindle to PC via USB cable. Copy the update file from the computer and paste it in kindle directory.
  2. After successful transfer, unplug the kindle from the computer by removing it safely.
  3. Open the home screen then go to settings in the menu.
  4. Tap ‘update my kindle’. You will be asked to do manually or automatically depending on your kindle model.
  5. Click on the ‘manually’
  6. After the update is completed successfully, kindle will restart.

If you encounter any problem while transferring or updating a kindle through device then you can take support from the amazon official kindle website. The support is free and 24/7 available for particular continents. The troubleshooting and diagnosis of this issue is same for almost all the models so there is no need to go to kindle fire support link for solving the issue on kindle fire series model.