How Can Your Pair The Third Party Controllers On Your Fire TV?

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Besides accessing the apps on your Fire TV, you can also pair the third party devices with your Fire TV. Here are the steps to pair your Fire TV.

All fire tv users, how is it going with your digital media player? The classic product of Amazon has already marked its vital position in the market. By rendering the astonishing lineup of features and services, the digital media player has also gained the fair percentage of t users around the world.

There is no doubt that you must have been accessing the dynamic list of apps on your Fire TV. Well, the digital media player is more than what you think. Besides accessing of the app, you can also pair up the list of third party controllers with your Fire TV. This is the reason we have come up with different third party controllers which you can pair up with your Fire TV.

  1. Wireless Controllers – Apart from rendering the support for the wired controllers through USB, the Fire TV also provides the support for the wireless controllers through Dongle. The use of the wireless-to-dongle method easily works for the Wii U Pro and Xbox 360 controllers. If you wish to take the benefit of the connectivity, you will be required to have a compatible dongle for every controller standard like the Wii U Pro Receiver or Xbox 360 Windows Receiver. Head on to insert the dongle into the USB port of the Fire TV, and then just press the sync button on the dongle and the same sync button on the wireless remotes.

Although, there is no issue in pairing the Xbox 360 controllers to the Fire TV directly, there are some of the users who have reported that they require plugging the dongle into a computer before heading to pair the controllers to the Fire TV.

  1. Wired Controllers – The amazing Fire TV renders its support for different wired controllers including the official Xbox 360 controller and Logitech F310 and many other Logitech controllers like Dual Action and F510. Well, you can’t pair a wireless PlayStation 3 controllers without heading for rooting of the device. If you wish to use a wired USB controller, just head to plug the controller into the USB port on the Fire TV’s backside. Even, multiple controllers also work quite fine with the hub.

Still, if you face issues with the controller in navigating the Fire TV menus, we would still advise you to try out some of the games before giving on that specific controller.

  1. Bluetooth Controllers – To add any third party controller to your device, Fire TV is the most common and requirement. For giving the demonstration, we will use the Bluetooth controller. Apart from this controller, if you have any other controller in your hand, you can also try out to pair it and view how it is working before purchasing the latest one. Besides the simple plug and play of the wired controllers, the Bluetooth controllers require getting synched on a proper basis to the Fire TV stick or Fire TV.  Now, let’s head on to the pairing steps to pair the third party controllers to the Fire TV or Fire Tv stick.

Note: All the steps are same for Fire TV or Fire TV .

  1. Firstly, head on to the Settings menu of your device. After that, just choose the Settings menu and go to the right side until you reach out to the “Controllers” section. Now, you will be required to choose the entry and then choose the “Bluetooth Game Controllers.”
  2. After the first step, head to choose “Add Bluetooth Controllers” from the in the following menu.
  3. The device will automatically kick start searching for all the available Bluetooth devices. Now, head on to press and hold up the pairing button on your Bluetooth controller and then wait for the synching of the controller to the device.
  4. At the time of syncing, the controller can be easily identified as a “Gamepad.”
  5. Make sure to use a compatible controller, or else the controller could take the time to test all the functions.