Google Home Adds New Features To Amazon Echo Device

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You can now use your Amazon Echo to control all of your home devices that are purchased from Amazon. You can even control the playback sounds like adjusting the volume before the actual content plays and eliminate the playback sounds.

Amazon echo is one of the best speakers made by Amazon until today. It works with the help of Alexa Application. It has a cylindrical body that is 9.25 inches long. It takes inputs in the form of voice commands and can be used to play music and audio books, set alarms, get real time information regarding weather condition and traffic on different routes, etc. But now there are many new features introduced to Amazon echo with the help of Google Home. So now one can control all the Amazon devices with their Amazon Echo. We can control the playback audio’s sound level and even completely remove the playback audio from our Amazon Echo device. You can adjust the playback sound levels even by using the voice commands in spite of changing it from google home app.

The new features with Amazon Echo allow its users to operate their Fire T.V and Fire T.V stick by giving voice commands to Amazon Echo’s inbuilt Alex app. Google home also introduced a somewhat similar kind of feature that allows people to browse video content and adjust the playback sounds for their Chromecast devices with other smart speakers. Users will soon be able to block the unwanted calls and messages. Amazon says that they will add this feature to the Echo’s calling system within a couple of weeks as it was the most demanded feature that all of the users wanted.

People who will buy new Amazon Echo will be able to enjoy these newly added features. If the users update their Fire T.V with the most recent version, then they can connect its set-top box with another cloud-based voice controlled devices developed by Amazon. Using this setup, they can adjust playbacks, browse videos, and use other available apps. To block the calls, you will need to open the menu for calls and messages using the voice commands for Alexa, then go to conversations and say to open contacts. Now name the contacts you want to add to the block list. To enable this calling feature with you Amazon Echo, you need to verify your contact number through a message. Sending this message will not charge your balance but will deduct few MBs from your internet data. People can also use the Do Not Disturb service to block the calls and messages for a short period. Activating this service will all the notifications related to incoming calls and messages on your number. Introduction to these two new features with Amazon Echo has resolved all the privacy concerns raised by its old users.

The spokes person of Amazon said that “Starting today customers will begin to receive an updated Alexa app, which includes the functionality to block contacts.”

Fire TV and Fire stick can even enjoy the same features with the help of their voice controlled remote. These new features can be used with all Fire T.V and Fire Stick except the first version of Fire T.V stick.

So now it’s time to make your Amazon echo smarter than before with these newly added features.