Four Hard Problems That Amazon Echo Needs To Overcome.

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So, you have Amazon Echo at your home? You must have connected all your gadgets with Alexa and now giving orders after every 10 minutes or so, right? Well, everybody does that, so it’s pretty common for a man to do so because he/she is experiencing a new thing after all.

echo helpAmazon Echo to be very honest is one of those devices that are launched with pretty much everything; I mean there is hardly any room for any advancement. The only thing that the company needs to look at is the technical glitches because a voice assistant is supposed to have many. The same problems are also found in Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Tap as well. In this blog post, what we are going to do is, we will discuss four hard problems in Echo that Amazon needs to address and rectify. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with these problems.

1. Far Field Voice Recognition

Devices with voice recognition are not new to mankind, as we have witnessed a countless number of such devices in the past couple of decades. But, the difference between those devices and Echo is that the former were based on near-field recognition, whereas Amazon Echo is based on far field voice recognition. In near-field recognition, there is always a microphone placed close to the users, which is used to capture their voices. There were hardly any noise in the signals. Amazon Echo needs to find a way to provide the perfection in voice signals just like near-field voice recognition. People are ready to do Amazon Echo setup if there is an update that allows clearer voice without any noise.

2. Ability To Understand Natural Language

amazon echoThe initial stage of any voice recognition system is to muster the sound and turn it into text form. That has been successfully done, but then, the task that was in front of the scientists was to create a thing that would take in the sound signals, processes them and then, come up with the solution using voice signals only. For that, the system must be capable of picking up the accent, the level of fuzz in the voice. Though, Amazon Echo continues to get better, so the current inaccuracies will be omitted in the future for sure. You may have to do Amazon Alexa setup in order to get the update.

3. Privacy

You have Amazon Echo that has microphones, so how could you expect privacy? Amazon Echo is always listening for someone to say the wake word, so that things can be started. There is no such thing as privacy in the device, which is a drawback. I am not saying that remove the microphones from the device, but add something that could boost the privacy. Know more about the privacy thing at Echosetup. People have mentioned this thing on various forums, but the company is yet to respond with a new option that could beef up the privacy.

4. Text To Speech

alexa appAccording to me, Amazon has forgotten one of the most important things regarding the device, which is the output of the device. The company has to understand that the Alexa is a software program that picks up voices, process those voices, and then, gives the desired output. If people want to update their devices to get better response from Alexa, then they have to go to www Amazon com Echosetup and get their device updated.

Now, you are aware about the issues that are present in Amazon Echo, which can only be rectified if Amazon echo help and support providers. There is no need to setup the device again, which many people have tried doing in the past. If that was the case, then everybody would have resolved these issues by setting up their Echo devices again.