How To Fix The Issues Related To Frozen Screen Of The Kindle Device?

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The issue of frozen screen always threaten the Kindle users. People usually remembers such an issues because it brings a device to a stand-still. Some people believe that this issue is due to the e-ink display while others feel that this is due to the electromagnetic fields produced by the device placed along with it.

Kindle is an electronic device also known as E-reader, which is developed by an ‘Amazon’, the world largest online retailer company. Since its launch the company has never noticed any decline in sales. This only product contributes to the 50% of total amazon profit. The screen of Kindle device is HD with capacitive touch features. The high resolution display offer 300 PPI. It also has good battery backup that lasts for up to weeks when used 2-3 hours daily. Kindle Oasis is a device with capacitive touch screen whereas Kindle Paperwhite is the one with Full HD screen having screen size of 6 inches.

If you are reading through Kindle then the display will not consume any power in this but when you modify the contents on the screen then it consumes the power. Viewing the previous photos on Kindle won’t take too much of your Kindle battery. There is recent issue observed in the Kindle device that is related to the screen. The screen remained frozen for an unspecific time period. Since the battery in not in use by the screen so it goes in sleep mode. At this point of time we are not sure that whether the problem is related to the battery or is it related to the screen? You have to perform the certain test in order to find out the root cause.

We have mentioned the certain tests below. You can perform these test to find out the exact cause of your frozen screen problem.

  1. Plug your Kindle device into the charger and leave it for 15 mins. You will notice the screen of device will remain active despite of flatness in battery. This indicates that the problem lies within the e-ink display but not due to the battery.
  2. Slide the power button to right to switch on the device, once the device is activated the display will be reset and you will see the green light which indicates that power is on in your device. For any type of Kindle help go to the link Kindle Fire support if you are using a Kindle fire series tablet.
  3. In order to perform the hard reset, press the power button and hold it for 15-20 seconds. Keep in mind that it should be in ON position. This process is followed when the charging is not resolving your problem of frozen screen. In case of any help you may take support from www Kindle com support website because this process may sometime takes time in completing. So either you have to wait for a while or just take Amazon Kindle support from the website for the same.
  4. If all these options doesn’t resolve your issue then you must call on given helpline numbers or approach to nearby service center.  You just provide complete details of an issue to Kindle support providers and get them fixed at once on the tele call itself. There are third party support providers also which provides support to amazon customers but they are paid.

The frozen issues can be seen in every model of Kindle device. It is not related to particular model. The general guidelines for this type of issue is available on the official website Kindle com support, where you just need to enter the details of your device you have in your hand and get the full technical details about it.

Make sure that there is no device present nearer to the Kindle that radiates electromagnetic rays. Because the electromagnetic field generated by the device screen and the other device also effects the working of screen.