Fire TV Basic Troubleshooting.

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Amazon Fire TV is a streaming device that lets you watch your favorite content. But sometimes some issues encounter that are just basic and you should know how to troubleshoot them. Read the article and know the steps for basic troubleshooting of your Fire TV.

fire tv supportAmazon Fire TV is not a new name in the field of streaming devices and you can easily stream your favorite content on it. But sometimes you encounter some issues that are just basic but you are not aware how to resolve them. One way is to take Fire TV Support and the other one is to know about the basic troubleshooting of your Fire TV. You can try these solutions when you see a blank screen, issues with audio or video and app errors. Here’s the solution:

Restart Your Device

Whenever you encounter any issue instead of taking Amazon Fire TV Supportfirstly try to restart your device. For this you just need to disconnect the power cord and then plug it again. Your remote can also be used to restart your device. For this you need to press and hold Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time for nearly about 5 seconds. Another way of restarting the device is to go to Settings option from there select System and then restart. Restarting your device will resolve many issues.

Blank Screen

If you see a blank or black screen, try these steps :

  • amazon fire tv supportFirstly, ensure that your TV is on and set to HDMI input channel to which your Fire TV is connected to.
  • Unplug and reconnect the HDMI cable that connects your Fire TV device to your TV. You can also try a different HDMI cable.
  • Unplug the other devices connected to your HDMI ports for some time.
  • Try to change the resolution of your TV. Press the up and rewind buttons for 5 seconds at the remote.
  • Check that AV receiver is on if your system is connected to it.

Unable To Purchase Content

If you are having some issues in buying content from Amazon try these steps and you can also take Kindle Fire Support :

  • Ensure the connection of your device to internet. To check your connection, go to Settings > System > Network from the menu of Fire TV.
  • Check that your payment is setup correctly.

App Issues

If you are having issues in installing, downloading or using a third-party app, then follow these steps or take Fire Stick Support :

  • Select Settings from home screen and then Applications > Managed all installed applications.
  • Now select that app which is giving you trouble. Then you can clear the cache, force stop the app, uninstall the app, move the app between internal and external storage or change the selected settings for the app.
  • You should try uninstall option when you have already tried other options and they are not working. You can reinstall the app by returning to the detail page.

Display Issues

  • For this you can try to adjust the screen resolution or display configuration. Go to settings > Display and Sound > Display.
  • amazon fire tvIf a part of your display is missing or is cut off from all the edges, then your TV might be scaling your picture.
  • You can also use Calibrate Display option. For this go to Settings > Display & Sounds > display > Calibrate Display.
  • You can also use up and down buttons for adjusting the display so that the grey arrows are completely visible and touches the edges of your screen.

Audio Issues

If you are having trouble with the audio of your Fire TV, then try doing this :

  • Ensure that the audio of your TV is not muted.
  • Ensure that the AV receiver is on if your device is connected to it.
  • Go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Dolby Digital Output and ensure that Dolby Digital Plus is set to off.

Forgot The PIN

fire tv helpIf you are facing some problem with your PIN for parental controls, then you can try to reset your PIN from your Amazon Video Settings and devices on Amazon website. For this go to Parental Controls and enter a new PIN of 5 digit under Amazon Video PIN and select the option of reset your PIN.

Unable To Access External Storage

Firstly, ensure that you are using correct external storage device. If your device is correct, then try to remove and reattach it to your Amazon Fire TV. For this go to Settings > System > Eject. Now wait for onscreen confirmation for removing the device. Noe reattach your device.