Easy Setup Guide For Using Kindle Free Time On Kindle 2nd Generation Models.

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The free time feature in all the kindle models lets people personalize their kindle according to the taste of their children. They can personalize the contents, library and others apps according to their children so that they can enjoy the best experience under restricted control. Whatever their child access through the kindle will remain secured and private.

Kindle support thousands of contents in its kindle library that are specially designed for children. The child name along with his birth date and gender will be displayed on the screen. All this is possible with the help of kindle free time.

It is worth mentioning here that your child can surf the third party apps from the store with full access to the contents under privacy notice. The information regarding the visited apps and contents will be displayed to you on the screen due to privacy policy of amazon kindle website. In case of any problem, you can take kindle help from the website.

There is need to setup the parental control password before setting up free time on kindle. You can able to setup your child profile only after setting up the parental password. We will discuss about the each process in detail in this blog post. You must keep your eyes on this blog for next 15-20 mins in order to understand the process completely. You can go to kindle com support link for further help and support.

Tip: when you start using kindle free time on your kindle then it will block the access to kindle contents available on stores and also block the access to silk browser. Your location based search and local settings will get disabled. All the time, you need to enter the parental password if you want to exit from or access the kindle free time settings. You can enable or disable the Wi-Fi settings with the help of kindle free time. For more help, call at kindle customer service number provided on the Amazon website.

Now we will discuss the process for setup:

  1. Go to home screen and press ‘apps’ followed by kindle free time.
  2. Go to getting started option.
  3. Enter the parental control password if you have already created a password otherwise click on ‘create a password’ then continue.
  4. Now it’s the time to create a child profile. Paste a child picture in profile pic menu.
  5. Enter the credentials of your child like name, birth date and sex.
  6. You can create up to 4 similar profile in a single device if you want to create with another name.

After setting up a profile, you can now add contents to the profile for accessing. A monthly package option is available for subscription. You can receive thousands of contents on monthly basis after subscribing to monthly package. You have option to set the goals and time limit for educational things if your child is interested in learning the things.

  1. Click on done and save the profile.

Subsequently, if you want to modify the profile then you can do so by getting into apps> kindle free time. Open the manage contents and subscription option from the kindle free time menu. If you face any problem in arranging the things then go to www kindle com support link.

How To Use

After creating a profile, your profile is ready to open, click on an icon available on the screen to open the profile. Kindle fire support free time in its every model.

  1. Open the contents from the library and select the book that you want to read. Download it if not available in the device. Amazon kindle support thousands of books in kindle library.
  2. If you want to exit from the kindle free time then you need to go to settings then click on parental control. Enter the password then click on ‘exit free time’.