How To Discover And Add New Devices In Amazon Echo?

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Using Alexa to perform certain tasks at home is fun, but what to do when new devices are not getting connected to Alexa? Well, at that time, take Amazon Echo help to fix the issue.

Have you just bought Amazon Echo? If yes, then you must be looking to add devices with Amazon Alexa, right? Well, everybody does that, so it’s not a new thing, but what’s important for you is, making sure that Amazon Echo setup has been properly done because only then, you will be able to add more smart devices to Echo. Before you can add devices, you will have to find them.

So, let us know the process of how to discover devices with Amazon Alexa

If you have done Amazon Alexa setup, then it’s time to discover or locate the smart device, which can be connected to Amazon Echo for a better home automation experience.

You have to open Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone, and as you open it, the app will automatically directs you to locate the devices that are present in your house.
  1. You have to tap ‘Discover Devices’.
  2. Wait till the searching process is complete.
If this doesn’t happen on its own, then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps
  1. In the Alexa app, tap on ‘menu’ option.
  2. Then, tap ‘smart home’.
  3. Go through the devices that have already been discovered.
  4. Tap ‘Discover devices’.
  5. Now, you have to wait until the device discovery step is finished.


You will see a progress bar when Alexa is looking for the smart devices that you want to connect with Amazon Echo. This process can take about 20 seconds. But, when it does, you are in a position to connect all the devices that you wish to operate through Alexa.

You can see the discovered devices under ‘your devices’ section in the app. With this, the setup has been completed and now, you can use hands-free voice control of Alexa.

Now, you can check whether Alexa is picking up your voice commands by saying, ‘Alexa, turn the bedroom lights on or off’. You can give any command, which you can think can be easily done by Alexa. If you see lights getting off and on, then it means that Alexa is working properly.

 Adding new devices to Alexa

If you have already done the setup process by following the steps from Echosetup, and now, you have bought a new switch, bulb, thermostat or dimmer that you want to connect with Alexa, then here are the steps that you can follow to connect that.

If you grant access to all the devices at the time of setup, then you have granted Amazon Echo blanket permissions. With this, the device will find new devices on its own. You won’t have to perform any action to add a new device then. Amazon Echo searches for new devices once per hour. With the blanket permission, Alexa will add new devices without your intervention. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for an hour before you could add a new device. You can simply command Alexa to discover new devices anytime you want. This ensures that new devices can be added instantly if you want. If you are not interested in granting blanket permissions and select the new devices

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to select the devices individually, and those steps can be found at www Amazon com Echosetup.


There are two new devices that have been launched by Amazon in the same niche, these are Amazon Echo Tap and Amazon Echo Dot. The process of adding new devices in these two devices is also same. So, just follow the steps that is given on the Amazon website and perform in the same manner