Control The Game Room With Amazon Echo.

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The promising feature of Amazon Echo is the best thing to control the game room. One command of your voice will initiate the game room.

amazon echo helpIt’s so cool to control your gadgets with one voice command. With the digital voice assistant, things have become easy to deal with complex activities. So, are you enjoying the company of your smart home device? Definitely, with such fine features and astonishing services, one can’t deny the amazing experience with this smart friend. When you look at the diverse range of this smart device starting from Amazon echo, Amazon Echo dot, and Amazon Echo tap, the device has marked its dominance in the market. The dominant behavior of the device is fetching millions of new users in the market. For all the new users, Amazon echo setup is there to help you in setting the device in a proper manner. So, kick starts your amazing journey with this device.

As you are aware that the device has got many features to provide you the best services, there is one feature which gives you the pleasure of playing games in a commanding style. Yeah, with the feature of controlling the game room, the gaming experience has become marvelous in nature. This marvelous change that you are enjoying is due to the “Liberty Games” company. A British company, which deals in setting and designing of game rooms for homes has done the awesome job of combining Amazon echo voice with other machines. If you use the Raspberry Pi boards to functionalize the actions, you can use alexa to turn in a credit or jukebox for an arcade game.

Liberty Games Working Way

echo help gameWhat liberty games actually do to make your experience better is quite interesting to know. The creator of game sets simply combines the Amazon echo and Raspberry Pi to work in a superlative way. The better thing is that amazon echo has also got specific voice commands by liberty games. Besides this, all the users can also set up their echo and create voice commands with the help of amazon website under the developer options. If you fail to do so, you can navigate to echo setup to get the required solutions. Liberty games have actually made things way entertaining by adding Amazon echo with Logitech Harmony hub and Raspberry Pi to it.

The company has made the things way better by doing these things-

  • Modifying the pool table by adding a Raspberry Pi into the mix, will make you release the ball with your voice command. This will give you a thrill gaming experience.
  • The setup of arcade machine to fire up a credit and the pinball machine to fire a ball are some of the exclusive setups which will blow your mind in an entertaining way.
  • The equipped jukebox added by the company is quite cool in its actions. When you will initiate a voice command, the box will pull out a CD.

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This step of making cool stuff with echo is mesmerizing for all the users out there. The combination of Raspberry pi and Liberty games’ Amazon echo is still a demonstration. But, this demonstration is actually a future step towards the entertainment devices enabled with voice commands.