How To Bring Your Kindle To Your Previous State After Critical Battery Error?

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The issue of critical error in battery is quite common in amazon Kindle device these days. People are curious to know about its troubleshooting so that they can easily diagnose it when effected by it. The solution to this problem is discussed below in this blog.

Whenever the battery of Kindle device gets low, it will indicate in the form of screensaver. The screensaver displays ‘critical battery’ message on the screen. This pattern of indication is different from other devices. The solution to come out of this problem at this stage is to just connect the Kindle with the charger. You will see the charging message on the screen and the screen brightness also increases when you connect the Kindle with the charger. If you not able to observe these changes then it means that there is some problem with your Kindle or your charger is going to be replaced. There might be chances of battery problem also that can be revived if you follow the below mentioned steps properly otherwise take Kindle help from the official link Kindle com support.

  1. Plug your Kindle device into the charger and keep it in the same position for an hours. The charger should be connected through adapter only not through the computer because the voltage level varies with the different sources. Check for the charging light that whether it is on or off. If the battery is damaged then the charging light will not glow. If the light doesn’t glow then check that adapter is properly connected or not otherwise follow the steps discussed below.
  2. If the same message’ critical battery’ appears on Kindle screen even after plugging with charger then unplug the Kindle from USB cable and hold the power switch by sliding to right for 20 seconds.
  3. Release the button after 20 seconds and now press and hold the home key of Kindle for more than a minute.
  4. If you notice that the screen is flashing then it means that your Kindle device entered into the recovery mode. Press the R key for a while in order to recover the Kindle to its previous state.
  5. After rebooting is finished wait for a minute and watch if the same screensaver appears on the screen then plug your Kindle to USB cable and return to ‘home screen’.

If your problem is not resolved after step third then there is problem with the battery you have to take Amazon Kindle support from the authorized and valid www Kindle com support website. The solution to your problem will be explained over the email or through telephone call.

The issue is quite common with Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite too so we can’t say that this problem comes in basic model only. This problem is occurred in every device but you don’t need to worry about it just go to Kindle support link for the help.

These errors doesn’t arrive too frequently but it needs to resolve immediately. The battery is the main part of device, if it works properly then only the device functions properly. If you are using any Kindle fire series model then Kindle Fire support for this particular model is available on the internet.  This problem is more often seen in these models you can correct it by taking support from its dedicated support website. If the issue has not been diagnosed properly then the device may be replaced by some other device. The replacement terms and conditions of a company are available on the website. Just go through them and ask for the help if you think that your product should be replaced with new one.