The Best Deals On Amazon Kindle In April 2017

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Amazon Kindle always comes up with deals so that no reader should left without their favorite kindle. This month also Amazon has many deals on their entire popular line up of Kindle e-readers and Kindle bundles. Let’s check them out in the article.

Amazon Kindle deals are very interesting, affordable and wonderful that no resist without having them. In these deals, you will get your favorite e-readers and Kindle bundles in an affordable price. If you are planning to change your old e-reader or want to buy a new one, then this is the good time and chance to have it.

Although you can check out the deals at Amazon site, but we have also come with the list of deals currently going on Kindle lineup :

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Before we start, have a look on those things that are same on all kindle models :

  • Full access to the entire Amazon Kindle Store
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 6in touchscreen e-ink display
  • Take and share notes within books

Amazon Kindle 8th Generation (£59.99, US$79.99)

This is the basic kindle models and has been updates in June 32016 and it can’t be beaten for value. This is the cheapest kindle model and simply known as Kindle and does all that stuff that other kindle models do. Amazon has two different prices for this model. One that is with ads will cost you £59.99 and without ads model will cost you £69.99. This is your choice which one to buy as you will not ads in the books purchased by you. Ads will be on the lock screen when you are not using your device.

This kindle has 6-inche touchscreen display for turning pages, but no backlight feature is there. It comes with 4GB storage and connects with wi-fi. The battery life is very long specially with wi-fi turns off.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (£109/$119 (Wi-Fi); £169/$189 (Wi-Fi + 3G))

The second Kindle model is Paperwhite and it comes with 6-inch touchscreen display. This model comes with backlight feature and you can choose a capable 3G model. Like cheap kindle model, it also comes with and without ads models and you need to spend 10 pounds more for ads model in comparison to without ad model. Because of backlight, the battery life of this model is slightly less than the cheapest model. It comes in wi-fi and 3G models both.

Amazon Kindle Voyage (£169/$199 (Wi-Fi); £229/$269 (Wi-Fi + 3G))

This model is quite similar to Paperwhite like it has same pixel density of 300 ppi, 6-inch touchscreen display, and a backlight. The difference is that it is thinner at 7.6 mm and higher in weight also. It has a light sensor that automatically adjusts backlight depending upon the light around you. Pages can be turns using page Press feature. This model also comes in wi-fi and 3G both. The battery life of this models is 6 weeks.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (£269 (Wi-Fi); £329 (Wi-Fi + 3G), US$289 (Wi-Fi); $359 (Wi-Fi + 3G))

This is the most premium and latest model of Kindle among all the models. The functionality of this model is same as of other models but in an exquisite design. It has a metallic wedge design for comfy one-handed use. It is 3.4mm at its lowest point, with page turning button at handgrip, screen orientation for left and right handed use. But there is no light sensor. The battery life of this model is very long but this is most expensive model among all the models. It also comes in wi-fi and 3G both. It is best for those who want the best ever kindle model and money is no issue for them.