Amazon’s “X-Ray Vision” Is All You Need To Scan Your Package.

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The “x-ray vision” is the new weapon for all amazon users. The new feature will reveal the actual order inside your amazon package.

amazon echo supportThe amazing amazon has put the best services and features in its diversified list of products starting from Amazon EchoAmazon Echo DotAmazon Echo Tap and Amazon kindle too. You guys are the prime witness for this amazing journey of this retail giant in this competitive market among some big names like Google, Apple and Samsung etc. The key to innovate the versions of its products ha made the giant retailer to compete like a king in the market. With such diversity, the company got amazing potential consumers in the market. With this kind of diversification, there are many instances when you have to deal with many problematic issues with your devices. You can easily rectify all the errors with Amazon Echo Help to better your experience with your device. You all are aware about the journey of the mammoth retailer, as the company has provided one of the best home delivery services. Now, the service is now getting better with the new feature of Amazamazon echo tapon app, which is “X-ray vision”. This feature is added in the amazon app to make the delivery package more transparent for all the potential consumers in the market. But, this update of feature is done only in the Amazon’s iPhone shopping app. So, al the android users sitting out there will not be happy with this news. Well, its not confirmed weather the e-commerce giant will add this feature to its android app too or not. This sudden release of the app has created a buzz among the top notch e-commerce players in the market. But, all the amazon users would definitely adore this added feature, which actually seem like providing the right to see what you have ordered. So, scan your package, before you get the wrong package at your door step.

The update in the Amazon iPhone app would simply enable the iPhone users to track down amazon echo tapthe contents of the package with their iPhone camera. As you guys are aware that the ‘winter is coming’ with the holiday season, which is definitely a more than enough reason to hunt for the best deals available on the e –commerce app. While you got busy with your shopping, you should remember this extraordinary feature of your app. With the matter of technology, it seem a cool change for all of guys, as I know that you will definitely land your shopping cart to shop for the best deals on this black Friday shopping. Remember one good thing about the feature, which is related to your ordered packages. The feature will work only on those packages which are connected to your amazon account.

Those iPhone users, who are carrying the latest version of the Amazon’s iOS application, they need to do the following things to access the feature –

  • amazon echoFirstly, you need to open your camera feature in the app, then scan the barcode on the side of the Amazon app. This will provide you the overview about the contents in the boxes.
  • After scanning the objects, you can also get detailed information about the contents inside the boxes. Just click on the screen to get more information.
  • Update the latest version of the app to use the feature.