Amazon Fire Users Should Try These Tips And Tricks

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If you’re using Amazon Fire TV, then we would like to tell that here we have some tricks and tips for you. Try these steps with your Amazon Fire device once. For more useful information, check out the following content.

fire tvAs we all are aware of the functionality of Amazon Fire TV, how many of you’ve got Fire TV at home? If yes, then it’s good because we’re about to tell you some tricks and tips you can do with your Amazon Fire device. Being a user of this brilliant device, if you struggle with any technical mess such as your Fire TV Not Working or some specific error, then you’re free to get in touch with professionals for the ideal and precise help.

How To Expand Your Internal Storage

As we know that we get 8GB of internal storage if we have got Amazon’s Fire TV. Being a user of Amazon Fire TV, do you know you can expand your storage by plugin USB stick? If you’re not aware of this, then just pick up your USB stick and send more data as much you want. Simply navigate to Settings, Applications, then to Manage Installed Applications so you can send your data to the USB stick. If you want any Amazon Fire TV Support, then you can contact professionals.

You Can Change The Name Of Your Device

amazon fire tvWe all know that Amazon provides names to the gadgets, for example, Amazon Echo, Fire TV 4K, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. If you’re an owner of multiple of similar gadgets, then it’s quite complicated for you. You can simply mess with then name of your devices. You just need to navigate to Amazon account from your system. Juts check out the drop-down menu, and now you need a step forward to the Manage Your Content and Devices page, now step ahead to Your Devices tab. Now you need to fill the credentials into your Amazon account again for the verification.

Bluetooth Headphones Connection

How many of you know that Fire TV set-top boxes work with Bluetooth headphones as well? You just need to visit Settings, Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, now to Other Bluetooth Devices on your gadget. Now your box will automatically recognize your headphones. For any Fire TV Support, you are free to contact professionals.

Time To Make Your Amazon Fire Tablet A Second Screen

fire tv support helpAmazon allows its higher-end tablets, such as the Amazon Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet, to become second If you have higher-end tablets like Amazon Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet, then you have the ability to turn your Amazon Fire into the second screen, and you can easily relish the content on Amazon Prime Instant. Well, the good thing is that you can also stream your content from your tablet as well.


As we all are aware of AirPlay aspect of Apple, just like this feature you have the ability to mirror your Amazon Fire phone to your television. The Fire TV and Stick work with Miracast, and if you’re one of them those who are streaming their content on mobile, then you have the ability to see the same content on your HDTV through Fire TV. You just need to visit Settings, Display, and then to Sounds, Enable Display Mirroring on the Fire TV. Here you just mess with the settings accordingly.

How To Remove Apps From Your Home Screen

fire stick help supportIf you want to change the apps from your home screen, then you can do it easily. You just need to step forward to the app which you want to efface. Then go to ‘More Info,’ there you will see an option of ‘Remove from recent,’ just click on that, and you’re done.