Amazon Fire TV Issues And Their Fixes

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Amazon Fire Tv is a streaming that gives you the access to massive range of content that you can stream and watch. But being a device or machinery, it can give you some trouble while working. So, we have come up with a small guide that will help you in knowing and solving some common issues of Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon, the king of ecommerce doesn’t just want you to shop with it. The company has determined that the digital content has a future and it came up with the streaming device Amazon Fire TV.

fire tv helpFor subscription video service the Fire TV is what the Amazon kindle is to digital books. It is a piece of hardware which costs reasonable and that lets you get access to Amazon Services. If you want to buy a TV show, it can be done by pressing few buttons. To know more about Fire Tv, you can take Kindle Fire Support.

Fire Tv issues occur because of the determination of the device. Amazon wants to give you every kind of entertainment options to your TV set, whether that content is Tv shows, movies, or music. The Fire Tv has apps for downloading, a space for filling your favorite photos and compatibility with the latest 4K resolution TV sets. There is also a voice remote that lets you ask questions to your TV or the X-ray database that will let you know about your favorite characters. Here’s the list of the Fire Tv issues that the users are facing.

Here are fixes to solve most common problems of Fire TV or you can also take Fire TV Support :

How To Reset An Amazon Fire TV

If you are having a software issue that Is keeping you from enjoying your Fire TV. Amazon recommends that you do a soft reset. This will not delete your account or apps, but it will give the device an opportunity to load its operating system again and again. There is no button to reset the amazon Fire TV. If yours is behaving badly or frozen, simply pull the power cable from the back of it. Leave it unpowered for at least 40 seconds before plugging it back in.

Fixing Loading Problems

fire stick helpYour Fire Tv is an internet centric device. It needs a reliable and fast internet connection to load movies, Tv shows, and music from the servers of Amazon. You should have configured your Fire TV to use your wi-fi at home when you set it up. If you are having trouble in loading movies or music, it’s likely because of may be some issue with your internet connection.

Firstly, try to use the internet on your phone or laptop. This will help you in determining what is wrong. If these devices work flawlessly on the same network, reset your Fire TV by unplugging it and having it unplugged for 40 seconds. In case of any issue, you can contact Amazon Fire TV Support.

Replacing The Remote

No one likes losing something on which their hard-earned money has spent. That goes fire tv double for anyone that wanted to use their amazon Fire Tv but unable to find it’s remote. Luckily, you don’t need to buy a whole new Fire Tv for just getting a new remote. Amazon sells the remote for $29.99. There are cheaper alternatives available on the site too. You can also skip buying the remote an download the Amazon Fire TV Remote app instead. This solution works fine though being a little clunky.

Turn On Closed Captioning

For turning on closed captioning, what Amazon refers to as subtitles, press the menu button on your Amazon remote after loading a TV show or a movie. This button has three horizontal lines stacked on top each other. Open subtitles and Audio. Select the off button on your screen which is always on. Now press the menu button to get rid of the settings menu. In case of any query, you can take Fire Stick Help.