What To Do If Your Amazon Echo Won’t Turn On?

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Amazon echo is a device that works on speech recognition technology. It consist of cylindrical shape speaker with microphone built-in. you can connect to it hands-free. Alexa will listen to your query and provide the information instantly. You can ask for weather forecast, news and other local information from Alexa. Alexa is just the wake up word for amazon echo device. You can change the name of device if you want to change it.


You can play music from different apps like Pandora, Spotify, iheart radio, prime music and many more by just using your voice. The seven microphones employed at the top of the device makes it able to recognize the voice even from far distance. The speaker is also placed in downward direction that fills the room with 360 immersive sound. You just need to download the amazon echo setup from the internet. If you want to order a pizza from dominos then you just speak over the Amazon echo. It will automatically place an order over the line. You can also request for Uber ride, if you want to go somewhere from your house. There are lot more features in the amazon Echo, which you can experience only after purchasing it. The link available for downloading the setup is www amazon com echosetup link.

It is imAlexa Appportant to mention here that your Amazon echo acts as home automation system for controlling the home appliances. You can control the lights, fan and air conditioners at home with the help of amazon echo. The moment you order Alexa for switching off the light it will respond quickly.

In order to enjoy all these features on your amazon echo you need to download Alexa app from the play store. Once you download it, you will find all the above mentioned features in your mobile. You have to configure your mobile with the amazon echo so that it works perfectly with your commands and questions. In case your amazon echo won’t turn on then no need to worry, we are explaining the technique to restore it. You can take amazon echo help from the official website also. Amazon Alexa setup is required for amazon echo to work perfectly. The Alexa app is easily available on the android and iPhone mobile stores.

The possible reasons for your problem are explained below –

  1.  Not properly plugged: This can be the reason of your amazon echo not turning on. The power cord may not be fully inserted into the amazon echo or from the other side on the wall. Check the power adapter if it is properly connected or not. If connected then check the power supply that whether it coming in the socket or not.
  2. Faulty power cord: If you have completed the troubleshooting process for step one and the problem still remains then you can go for next step. Check the power cable, it might be faulty or broken from somewhere. The faulty cord should be immediately replaced rather than being repaired. Go to www.amazon.com echosetup for re-installing the app on your phone.
  3. Faulty power and speaker board: There is a circuit board that manages the power within the echo. This may be defective and need replacement. The speaker as well as microphone also has its own IC for processing input and obtaining output. You replace the board immediately.
  4. Motherboard: The whole circuitry as well as logical units are controlled by the motherboard. If it fails to start then the amazon echo won’t work. The motherboard is the brain of every electronic device. It is not easy to repair it. The best solution to remove the problem related to it is replace the motherboard with new one.

Echo Help

Alexa wake up word is common for all the echo device that is amazon echo dot and echo only. I hope that you will able to turn on your echo device after reading this article. The troubleshooting process is same for Amazon echo tap also. These device works almost similarly.