Amazon Alexa Now With Little Yumi By Omate.

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A new small and compatible robot is knocking at the door with your favorite Amazon alexa acting like his mother and android as his father. This new robot with landscape mode has set a new way to catch your attention in a better way. Let’s have a sneak look at the device.

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Amazon alexa is now acting as the mother of a small child (Yumi) and android as father to better your experience in a more entertaining way. We are saying this just because amazon alexa is now featuring in yumi; which is a small android enabled robot made by Omate Company. The company has already reached the pinnacle of smart watches. However, this is a unique way to bring android and alexa together to share the same space in a third party device. All the amazon users are pretty aware with Amazon alexa for its best astonishing service to make the home smarter and life more reliable. As, the services provided by alexa have led the market in its efficient manner, there are many instances where set up issues create hindrance in dealing with them, which can be sort out by paying visit to Amazon Alexa Setup .

Yumi – By Omate


In its limited Omate rise smart watch, it has made another evolvement effort by putting Amazon alexa center and front quit faithfully. But, the market tends to be a flump show for the company. Probably, this was the reason company decided to step into a completely different journey. Launching a new slot of a small robot with a 5-inch LCD display in a landscape mode contains the quality of providing access to android apps which can work in the defined mode. You can easily modify the user interface of the device, which provides a wheel to put into the use of customize menu categories.


  • 5 MP ultra-pixel camera is the first attraction which can track down all activities as a good compact surveillance camera on wheels which can be controlled by remote rotor engines.
  • Services like viber, skype, Google duo, Facebook can be used to place VOIP video calls.
  • You can enjoy any Netflix or YouTube on your HDTV via HDMI port.
  •  Also contain diverse LEDs with divergent colors which notify you by lighting up when any notification, message and alert comes.
  • Constant try is in process by developers to produce and testify own android applications or Amazon alexa skills.

Key Features

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 720 * 1280 LCD Display
  • Voice assistant – Amazon alexa, Voice activation – Sensory
  • Can connect with your smart home.
  • Amazon Alexa apps – over 3000
  • Contain ports : HDMI/USB-B
  • Clinical Akamys audio with dual stereo speakers.
  • 1.3Ghz Quad-core Cortex-A53 processor
  • Bluetooth – 4.0
  • Wi-fi – Dual band

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Besides this company is constantly making hard efforts to ensure high credibility and reliability in the market. Well, this could be a game changer for omate, as developers of the company are keen on improving the performance standards better than their flump smart watches. For all the Amazon alexa users sitting out there will surely track down this device in their home to make it friendlier with their family environment. If you are new to the amazing amazon echo, you can easily track down one of the best assistance service by heading to www. echosetup to initiate the thrilling experience.